"The Evil is Gone!" ~Dr. Loomis to Marion Chambers

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 31, 1963

Judith Myers, 16, was brushing her hair. Her boyfriend had just left, and she was getting ready to go to sleep. Then, she heard a noise behind her. She turned around and saw her 6 year old brother, Michael, standing next to her, sporting a Halloween mask and holding a huge kitchen knife.

She screamed, "Michael!"

But what happoned next would change the course of history forever. Michael stabbed his sister to death. In 1964, the courts decided that Michael was to stay in the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium, despite psychiatrist Dr. Samual Loomis' protests.

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 31, 1978

17 year old Laurie Strode felt like she was losing herself. All day long her mind kept playing tricks on her, or so she thought anyway. She kept seeing a man, outside her English class, behind a bush, and in her backyard. She knows she can't be crazy, because her best friends, Annie and Lynda, saw him too, while he was driving by them.

But what Laurie, or her friends, didn't know was that it wasn't a Haddonfield citizen lurking around them, possibly playing a Halloween prank, it was a former Haddonfield resident, who had previously escaped from the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium just yesterday.

Dr. Loomis knew Michael all too well. He followed Michael to Haddonfield, and with the help of the Haddonfield police he could only hope to find Michael before it was too late.

Meanwhile, Annie and Laurie are getting ready to babysit, while Lynda runs around getting prepaired for a date with her boyfriend, Bob.

If these three girls knew what was going to happon to them tonight, they would have fled Haddonfield immediately. But fate took it's course as Michael brutally started killing.

Now it's only a question of whether Dr. Loomis can get to Michael before he can finish his goal.

A Classic!

Halloween is a widely successful film, directed by John Carpenter, and produced by Debra Hill.

It stars Donald Pleasance, Jamie Lee Curtis, Nancy Loomis, P.J. Soles, Nancy Stephans, and Charles Cyphers.

I'd have to say that this movie must have been given a "Blessing from Above", because the budget for this movie was very low, and it was shot in a mere 21 days! Incredible! But a budget wasn't nessessary for this movie. Blood and gore weren't a key factor at all. What was? The eerie atmousphere, the creepy music, and the tense situation itself was all that was needed to make this a smash hit! And what a hit it was!

Donald Pleasance was great in this movie. I can't imagine any other actor portraying Dr. Loomis. In this one, I give him an A+.

Jamie Lee Curtis is the stuff role-models are made of. Laurie Strode is the kind of girl whom you can trust, and want to get to know. And she screams so well! :) I give her an A+ as well.

Nancy Loomis did a bang-up job as Annie Brackett. Now I don't know about you all, but of all the Halloween characters, Annie is probably one of the few I'd like to hang out with on a regular basis. I give her an A+ also.

P.J. Soles made people laugh with her approach to the cheerleader Lynda. While Lynda herself wasn't in the movie all that much (in the tv-scenes she got a nice, long extra scene to be in) she made her character very likeable, and "totally" funny. I give her an A+ as well.

Nancy Stephans was okay in this one. She seemed a little stiff, but then again she was in a car so I can't really complain. When Michael attacked her, she led off a real good performance! I give her an A- in this one.

Charles Cyphers made a very believable Sheriff Leigh Brackett. He made sure that the audience saw that Brackett was a family man, and he was reasonable as well. I give him an A.

On a more general level, Halloween gets a phat A+!