"Ten years ago, he tried to kill Laurie Strode. Now, he wants her daughter." ~Dr. Loomis

Ridgemont, Illinois
October 30, 1988

Michael Myers did not perish in the fire at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, neither did Dr. Sam Loomis. Both were, however, scarred badly. Michael went into a coma after that night, and never regained consciousness... He was placed at the Ridgemont Federal Institution, where Dr. Loomis kept a close eye on him...

It is now 10 years later. Michael, being a federal patient, has been ordered back to the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium. And after being loaded into the ambulance, Michael regains his berings. He hears talk of his only living relative...a neice living in his hometown. He then takes action, killing the ambulance personal and escaping into freedom.

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 30, 1988

8 year old Jamie Lloyd sits in the pitchblack livingroom, looking out the window. She is having an illusion of an ambulance with Smith's Grove on the side.

Jamie is the daughter of Jimmy Lloyd and Laurie Strode Lloyd. But, unfortunately, both of her parents are dead (or so she thinks).

Suddenly, Rachel Corruthers arrives and talks to Jamie. Rachel is Jamie's 17-year-old foster-sister. She convinces Jamie to go to bed.

Jamie does, and after looking at a few pix of Laurie, goes to say her prayers. But then, the boogyman attacks her. He is tall, big, and wears a white halloween mask!

Jamie suddenly awakes, huddled in her closet, with her foster parents Richard and Darlene Corruthers trying to soothe her. What poor Jamie doesn't know is that it wasn't just a dream, it was a psychic link to her uncle, warning her of the horror which is approaching.

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 31, 1988

Darlene, Richard, Rachel, and Jamie scramble about the Corruthers' house each getting ready for their day. That night, Richard and Darlene have a very important meeting to attend. Rachel also has a date. Luckily, Darlene found a babysitter on Halloween night...

...untill the babysitter's mother calls and reports Susan broke her leg at the ice rink. Naturally, Rachel has to take over, which pisses her off. Jamie overhears, and is upset, but Rachel apologizes and offers to get Jamie ice cream after school gets out.

Ridgemont, Illinois
Dr. Loomis waltzes into Dr. Hoffman's office, demanding answers to why he authorized Michael's transfer without his notification.

Dr. Hoffman doesn't even consider Loomis the time of day...untill he gets a phone call concerning the ambulance and its personal.

The two check out the accident, and Loomis comes to the conclusion Michael is on his way to Haddonfield.

He begins driving, but when he goes to a gas station, he finds that Michael has indeed been there. He finally encounters Michael, but cannot stop him from stealing a truck and blowing Loomis' car up, leaving Loomis to hitch hike.

Haddonfield, Illinois

As Jamie prepairs to leave school, three overly-cruel kids make fun of her, since her mother is dead, she's an orphan, and the boogyman is her uncle.

Jamie meets up with Rachel, and along with Lindsey Wallace, decide to go to the Discount Mart to get a Halloween costume.

At Vincent's Drugs, Jamie searches for a Halloween costume while Rachel talks to her boyfriend Brady, breaking him the news of her having to babysit.

Michael is in Vincent's as well.

Jamie finds herself drawn to a specific Halloween costume. A clown's costume. She holds it up to her in the mirror and sees not herself, but a six year old boy holding a bloody knife...

...Michael steals a white mask resembling the one he wore 10 years ago.

Jamie shrieks in terror.

Later that night, Jamie and Rachel go trick-or-treating...

...which gives Michael time to search the Corruthers' house, finding evidence that Jamie is indeed his niece.

Loomis arrives, and looks for Sheriff Leigh Brackett. However, he discovers that Brackett retired, and Sheriff Ben Meeker definately remembers Loomis.

Loomis says quite carefully, "Ten years ago, he tried to kill Laurie Strode. Now, he wants her daughter."

Meeker stares at him, "You talking about Jamie Lloyd?"

Loomis adds, "Wherever that child is, she's in mortal danger!"

Meeker agrees to help Loomis search.

Through difficult circumstances, Rachel and Jamie split up.

Michael kills a power engineer named Bucky, and Haddonfield's power goes out.

Rachel and Jamie find eachother, and in turn are found by Loomis and Meeker. They decide to barracade themselves in Meeker's house, where (surprise!) Brady was getting it on with Meeker's daughter Kelly.

Meanwhile, truck loads of beer-belly hicks decide to take the law in their own hands and find Michael themselves. In the process, they kill Ted Hollister, an innocent civilian.

Meeker leaves the house to find the drunks, and Loomis leaves to search the Corruthers' house.

Michael managers to break into the meeker household.

He manages to kill Deputy Logan and Kelly.

Rachel finds them, and then finds Jamie, Brady, and Michael!

Brady, the knite in shining armor, decides to duke it out with Michael, but dies.

Rachel and Jamie run to the attic, smash a window, and escape onto the roof.

Michael follows.

Rachel managers to get Jamie safely off the roof, but in fear of dying, falls off the room, knocking her unconscious.

Jamie is now alone, running through the dark streets of Haddonfield.

She finds Loomis, and the 2 go to Haddonfield Elementary School.

Michael follows, and partially disposes of Loomis.

Rachel manages to save Jamie, and they then find beer-belly Earl and his hick friends. They all decide to flee Haddonfield....

...Michael hides under the truck.

After they leave Haddonfield, Michael attacks, killing all except Rachel and Jamie.

Rachel, who miraculously knows how to drive stick-shift, knock Michael in front of the truck.

As he stands, Rachel screams, "Die you sonovabitch!", and plows into him.

The police arrive, and Rachel leaves to talk to Meeker.

Jamie, for some reason, approaches her uncle and holds his hand, but he's not dead!

He tries to kill Jamie. But after she ducks to the ground, the police open fire on him. He falls down an old well.

Back at the Corruthers' household, Loomis confidently reports that Michael is in hell.

Darlene takes Jamie upstairs for a bath.

But something's wrong with Jamie...she picks up a pair of sissors and stabs Darlene, who screams in pain.

Meeker, Loomis, Richard, and Rachel look up the stairs in horror at Jamie, wearing a Halloween mask, holding up sissors, and breathing deeply...

Ten Years Ago, HE Changed The Face of Halloween. Tonight, HE's Back.

This movie, for the most part, saved the Halloween series from oblivion. For all intents and purposes, Michael was supposed to die in part 2.

But then along came Halloween 3, and people around the world were pissed! Why? There was no Michael! So the makers decided to bring back Michael with a bang! Hence, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers!

Since Jamie Lee Curtis felt above doing another one, the logical choice would be to give Laurie a daughter, who is alive even though her mother died (or so we all thought).

Loomis returns as well.

This movie, while obviously not a follow-up to 1 and 2 per se, it is a direct sequal, simply letting 10 years pass between, which would explain why so few characters would return.

Dr. Loomis...Donald shines in this one. I think this movie really lets him explore new realm with Loomis...he's 10 years crazier, and 10 years more obsessed. And he still manages to create some of the best dialog! A++!

Rachel Corruthers...I'm sure you all know she's my favorite character by now, and with good reason. Ellie Cornell is a great actress (see my Ellie Cornell page). I especially like how Rachel sorta subconsciously becomes Laurie, getting tangled in this Halloween spider-web. A++!

Jamie Lloyd...A very good performance by Danielle Harris, who is actually older than Jamie herself. I think that since Jamie Lee Curtis wouldn't return, Jamie was a very logical choice as the next family member (instead of creating some conveluted new Myers sibling we never knew about). Danielle Harris definately followed in Jamie Lee's footseps in the "scream Queen" department! A+!

Also, in the script for Halloween 4, did you know that Jamie Lloyd never exsisted? Myers niece was named Brittany Lloyd (Britty for short). But they changed her name in honor of Jamie Lee Curtis!

Michael...I think George Wilbur was adequate in taking on the Myers persona. He obviously did his homework (unlike Donald Shanks and ESPECIALLY Chris Durand *shudder*). I give him a B+.

Ben Meeker...Okay, I don't know why they simply didn't have Brackett return, but they didn't. Beau Starr is a great actor, and I think he added something new to the Halloween franchise. His line to Brady about groping Kelly is classic! A-.

Brady...typical teenage horny-toad. But his good side is there, and I think Sasha does a good job at drawing the line between typical boy and allaround jerk-off. B.

Kelly Meeker...I did not like her. I will be nice because maybe the actress (who's name escapes me) may have done a brilliant job with Kelly...because I hated her! I'll be nice and give a C+.

The music was good. The scares were definately there. The acting was pretty descent. Lindsey Wallace is so funny! Overall, I give this movie a whopping A+. Good job!

Oh, do you think the actress who played Darlene Corruthers was casted simply because she looked exactly like an older version of Rachel? Hmmmmm.....