"Uncle Michael, please don't hurt me!" ~Jamie Lloyd

After another bloody page of Halloween history, the most bizaar thing happoned!

In 1989, the Haddonfield Police Station was blown up!

Ben Meeker, along with many policemen, were killed.

But most notably, Michael Myers and his niece Jamie Lloyd were missing.

People searched for months, but to no avail.

Jamie Lloyd was lost.

And Michael was presumed dead. And finally, Halloween was banned in Haddonfield.

Smith's Grove, Illinois
October 30, 1996

Jamie Lloyd, 15, screamed in pain as she was being led down an underground corridor, doctors surrounded her.

And leading was the man in black.

Jamie was preagnant, and delivered a baby boy.

The man in black took the baby, and baptized the baby by drawing a Thorn rune on his chest with blood.

Luckily, a sympathetic nursemaid named Mary stole the baby, and helped Jamie escape.

Jamie did, but Mary met the end when she ran into none other than Michael Audrey Myers!

Jamie escaped the underground maze, and found herself outside in the pouring rain. She stole a man's truck (who was killed by Michael), and drove off.

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 30, 1996

The Myers house, which had been up for sale for years, was finally sold to John Strode, who is the brother of Morgan Strode, the man who adopted Laurie (Strode).

Inside, little Danny Strode had a dream of Michael, Jamie, and other things to come. He woke up, and saw the man in black who held up a knife, "Danny! Kill for him!"

Danny screamed for his mother, Kara. She calmed him down, then went back to studying her psychology. She caught her neighbor across the street, Tommy Doyle, staring through his window at her (she was practically in the buff).

Meanwhile, on the radio, BACKTALK WITH BARRY SIMS was playing. Barry was doing a special on Michael Myers, and callers professed their theories about Michael, and their thoughts of the reestablishment of Halloween in Haddonfield after 6 years.

Langdon, Illinois (?)
Dr. Loomis is busy writing a manuscript about Michael Myers when he receives a visitor, Dr. Terance Wynn, an old colleague from the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium. Wynn claims to be retiring as cheif administrator.

outside Haddonfield, Illinois

Jamie stops at a Bus Station, but finds the workers are out to lunch! She then tries to call the police, but cannot get ahold of them. In one final attempt, Jamie calls the Barry Simms show. She can only get a fragment of her pleas out before Barry cuts her off. But it's enough...

...enough for Dr. Loomis to hear her...

...and Tommy Doyle. Tommy has been obsessed with Michael since he saw him in 1978. And he was determined that Michael was still alive, but was hidden. He now has the evidence he needed.

Jamie gets a few moments with her baby before Michael begins stalking her.

She escapes and begins driving, but Michael is hot on her trail! He forces her off the road, where Jamie crashed into a pile of pumpkins at a farm.

She then makes her way into the barn. She sneaks around, untill she makes one fatal error: she makes the floor creak.

Suddenly, Michael appears behind her, picks her up, and throws Jamie onto a corn thresher!

Jamie looks down and sees the spikes poking through her stomache. She reaches out to her uncle, who emotionlessly reaches back...to push her farther down.

Jamie looks at him, "You can't have the baby Michael, you can't have the baby."

Michael then turns the thresher on, as Jamie cries out in pain as her insides are shredded.

As Jamie dies, Michael goes to the truck, grabs the blanket.......and pulls out a roll of paper towell!

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 31, 1995

The Myers/Strode house is bustling with activity as Kara, Danny, and Timothy Strode get ready for school. But when John shows up, all hell breaks loose. In 1989, Kara had left the family when she became pregnant with Danny, but earlier this year she had returned, much to the hurtful dismay of her father, John. John calls Danny a bastard, which causes Kara to retaliate. John answers this by slapping her across the face. Danny suddenly is in front of John, holding a big kitchen knife.

Kara manages to pull Danny away, and the three leave the house.

Outside, they meet Beth, Tim's girlfriend. Beth is psyched about the revival of Halloween in Haddonfield, and is the coordinator of the Halloween party at the Haddonfield Junior College.

Smith's Grove, Illinois

At the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium, Dr. Loomis and Dr. Wynn learn from Wynn's secretary, Dawn, that Jamie Lloyd was found this morning near Haddonfield.

Haddonfield, Illinois

Kara, before going to class, observes one of Danny's drawings. In it, Danny has drawn Thorn, and it shows John, Debra, Kara, and Tim Strode all dead.

Tommy replays Jamie's message on the radio over and over, and comes to the conclusion that she was at the Bus Station when she made the call. He goes there, and finds the baby.

Dr. Loomis arrives at the farm with Dr. Wynn, and they see Jamie dead. Above Jamie is a huge Thorn mark.

Tommy names the baby Stephan. He tries to get the baby medical treatment at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, but they refuse him. He finds Dr. Loomis there, who is awaiting the results from Jamie's autopsy. Tommy tells Loomis about how Jamie isn't the last of the bloodline, and more importantly, the Strode family is living in the Myers house!

Dr. Loomis immediately goes to the Myers/Strode house, and tells Debra Strode the entire Myers story. He warns her to get out of the house, so she doesn't suffer the same fate that Laurie and Jamie suffered.

Debra calls John afterward, and tells him that she is taking the kids and leaving.

Back at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, Loomis and Wynn learn of placental fluid found in Jamie. Dr. Bonham states she couldn't have given birth too long ago. Loomis now knows...

Back at the Strode/Myers house, Michael kills Debra.

Danny walks home from school, and sees the man in black by a van outside his house, then he meets Tommy.

Kara arrives home from school, and cannot find her mother. She searches the house, and finds Danny upstairs with Tommy. Tommy tells her exactly why she must leave immediately.

At Tommy apartment, Kara sees dozens of newspaper clippings, telling the story of Michael, Loomis, Laurie, and Jamie. Tommy leaves to find Loomis.

John returns home, and is killed by Michael.

Meanwhile, Barry Sims shows up to promote the Halloween revival. He learns that Tim lives in the Myers house (as does Tim himself) and asks if he could go to the house himself. Beth and Tim don't have a choice but to comply.

Barry is killed by Michael. Tommy finds his body, and a panic sweeps over the Haddonfield residents.

It appears Halloween will not be celebrated next year after all.

Tim and Beth return home, give up on Barry, and make love. After, they are both killed.

Danny hears a voice, and goes across the street to the Strode/Myers house.

Kara follows, and finds Beth and Tim dead. She and Danny manage to escape, and meet up with Tommy and Loomis, who proclaim that Stephen is gone.

Suddenly, Danny hears, "Danny! Come to me!"

Everyone stares in horror as Danny goes to Dr. Wynn, dressed as the man in black! (yawn)

All hell breaks loose. Tommy and Loomis are drugged, and Kara, Danny, and Stephen are taken back to Smith's Grove.

Smith's Grove, Illinois

Tommy and Loomis arrive at the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium, where they split up. Loomis goes to talk to Wynn, and Tommy tries to rescue Kara.

Loomis speaks with Wynn, who sheds a little light on the subject. He wants to create a new Michael through Stephen through DNA testing. Loomis tells Wynn he is a madman before getting knock out.

Tommy finds Kara, and breaks her out just before Michael can get to her. They hide, and witness Michael kill the cult members, who turned out not to be a true-cult, just a bunch of doctors wanting to exploit Michael's evil.

They grab Danny and Stephen, and run to a strange DNA operating room.

Michael follows, and Tommy sticks several needles full of green liquid into Michael, who gets dazed.

Kara then beats Michael with a pipe, untill Danny destracts him from killing her.

Michael then tries to get at Danny, who is holding Stephan.

Tommy injects more green liquid into Michael, and Kara, Danny, and Stephan escape.

While Tommy beats Michael senseless with the lead pipe, Loomis helps Kara, Danny, and Stephan escape the hospital.

Tommy then joins them, and begs Loomis to come with them.

Loomis smiles, "No, I have a little business to attend to."

Then, we see Michael's mask, which is off, next to a needle.

Finally, we hear Loomis scream in agony.

Evil never Dies!

Now I have mixed feelings about Halloween 6. The movie we saw in the theaters is not even half of what was in Daniel Farrand's script. I am very serious here. The original script went through many, many changes. Originally, Jamie Lloyd lived untill the very end, and sacrificed herself to save Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Stephen. Also, Dawn the secretary dies. There are many more different changes, but I cannot remember them all.

Anyway, when the movie was finally shot, director Joe Chapelle decided to do some heavy re-shooting and re-editing. Some of his new directions I can accept, and some I don't...I'll mention all this below, in the P-CUT section.

Well, this movie is one of my favorites. Sure, the storyline is a little sloppy, but overall the acting is wonderful, the characters are vibrant, the locations are beautifully shot, and the scares (while mild) are there. There are many references to part 1, and we revisit the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital!

This movie, like part 4, saved Halloween from death. It seemed that after part 5, nobody was interested in making a part 6 (which drove the fans nuts!)

Now, for a few rants...

I didn't like Beth, what with her....um....looks/character/looks/likability/looks. Don't get me wrong, she was much, much, MUCH better than Tina, but she dragged the movie on.

Jamie Lloyd...okay, I get kind of mad when I think about this. Danielle Harris WANTED to return, but did she? Nope. Why not? Who knows? All I do know is that the makers wanted to "go somewhere new with Jamie", don't even ask what that means. Danielle only wanted 5 thousand dollors, and that's chicken's feed!

So, they gave this actress in her 20's a chance to fill the role of a 15 year old. Don't get me wrong, JC Brandy did OKAY for what it's worth.

I mean, they spent 2 movies trying to protect her, for god's sake! At least she died while trying to save her baby.

Now for the ending...a lot of people hate it, I don't. Wanna know why? If they would have used the p-cut ending, that would mean that Dr. Loomis would have to be in it. It also would have meant that Thorn REALLY DID have controll over Michael, as did Wynn. With the theatrical-cut ending, at least it hints at Loomis' death, and it also states that Michael CANNOT be controlled, BY ANYONE! Do you know what would have happoned if Laurie tried to use "The power of the runes" to kill Michael in Halloween 1? Michael would have busted up laughing at the pitiful attempt, then would have decapitated her for the insult. "Nuff said.


Dr. Loomis...sadly, he died after shooting (and was dead during the reshoots). Sadly, Dr. Loomis wasn't very memorable in this one. He was more/less along for the ride, occasionally spouting off warnings to people. (in the p-cut, he has much more lines) But at least he chilled out since part 5, and wasn't a monster. It was very obvious that father death was looming over Donald's sholder while in this movie. I give him an A++....I love you Donald!

Tommy Doyle...Paul Rudd was great! His reaction to when he finally saw Michael was classic! However, being from Illinois, why did he have a strange accent (which he doesn't have in other movies, oddly enough) I give Paul a solid A+.

Kara Strode...Marianne Hagan was great also. She is a Jamie Lee Curtis proto-type, and her maternal defenseness adds an extra kick! (all it takes is a mother's touch) I felt sorry for Marianne, who cried after a very good Kara scene was dropped out. (I saw it in the p-cut, she had reason to cry, it was good) I give her an A+!

Jamie Lloyd...where, oh where, had Danielle Harris gone? Well, JC Brandy wasn't that bad at all. I mean, for someone who was given Halloween 4 and 5 to watch quickly, then run around in the rain and scream a lot, JC didn't doo too shabby....and for less than 5,000.00!!!!! I'll be nice and give her an A-.

Dr. Wynn...well, it wasn't his fault he got such a strange character, how DO you act correctly with such an oddball character? I will be nice and give him a B+ (but in the p-cut ending, he gets an D+)

Danny Strode...cute kid! Very cute kid! Reminds me of a young Michael Myers! Even though he has a LOT of acting growth to go, he did an okay job. B.

John Strode...to be quite honest, Bradford English did a good job of being the jerk father. I give him an A, because he knew what he was doing with that part.

Debra Strode...Kim Darby, a veteran actress, did a bang-up job. A+.

Tim Strode...Well, he was okay. I think Tim as a character was a little too underdeveloped, which is why I feel sympathy for Keith Boagart. He did what he could. B+.

Beth...well, like I said above, she was OKAY, but I wouldn't have casted her. (oh, my friend needed me to add she's very flat-chested.) I give her a C+.

Barry Sims...well, he's the guy you love to hate. Good actor! B+.

Stephen Lloyd...I guess he gets an A because he has the baby-thing down pretty good!

Michael...well, again George P. Wilbur does an adequate job, but jeez did he pork up! B+.

Overall, the movie is not that bad. The music is okay, but somewhat to be desired (the screaming guitars is a definate don't.) I give it an A-.


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-The Halloween 6 Producers Cut!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Okay, this movie is very different! Let me point out the major changes...

1. The music is very, very similar to Halloween 2's music, minus the synthesized stuff. Laurie's Theme is very consistant, as is the stalking music!

2. Loomis gives the intro, not Tommy.

3. There is a flashback to October 31, 1989. It shoes Jamie enter the Haddonfield Police Station after Thorn says, "Jamie! Come to me!" Jamie searches the station, and goes out back and finally see Michael get loaded up in the van. The man in black steals her, she screams, and the van drives away as the police station blows up. Also, Danielle Harris was Jamie in the slashback.

4. Jamie does not die in the barn...she is simply stabbed and left for dead. Later, at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, she has a flashback of when she got raped by Michael (!!!), she says, "Uncle Michael, please don't hurt me! Oh god please forgive me!" Then, Wynn enters Jamie's room and says, "Your work is done now, Jamie!" And shoots her in the head. Loomis then goes up to her, crying, and says, "Jamie! I've failed you again!"

5. Kara does a strange chant to fend off the evil spirits in Danny's room, "Stay away monsters, stay away ghouls. Stay away from Danny, you jerks know the rules."

6. Loomis explains to Wynn that he got plastic surgery, so he no longer frightens little children. And at the Sanitarium, Loomis begs Wynn to help him find Michael.

7. Just before Danny pulls the knife of John, he looks out the window and sees Michael. Thorn screams, "Danny! Kill for him!"

8. There is a scene, while Kara, Tim, and Danny are outside between Debra and John. Debra says, "You never understand. This isn't about Kara, it's about you! I don't care what she's done, she's your daughter!" John buckles, "She's not my daughter anymore."

9. Sheriff Holdt confronts Loomis and Wynn in the barn, telling Loomis to go back to his crack-pot asylum, he also says that things have been quiet for 6 years, and he doesn't need Loomis spouting off ghost stories. Loomis screams, "I suppose it was a ghost that did all this! It was a ghost on the radio last night! And that's a ghost being carried out right now!"

10. Kara is stalked by Michael at the Haddonfield Junior College.

11. Loomis goes into further detail about Michael and the house to Debra.

12. The Brother Cane song is nowhere to be heard, as is the screaming guitars.

13. After Kara jumps out the window, the entire movie changes!

--The cult is hardcore followers of Thorn. --They want Michael to kill Stephen, then Danny kill Kara. --The scene between Loomis and Wynn is different also, Wynn explains how he is Michael's guardian, and now Loomis must become the man in black! (hint: he said he was retiring) --Tommy mugs a Thorn member and steals his clothes. --Kara, during the ceremony, talks to Michael, telling him not to kill Stephen because he's Michael's son. --Tommy puts a knife up to Wynn's throat, which lets him, Kara, Danny, and Stephen escape. --Tommy sets up his runes from that bag you see in the t-cut, and uses his blood to make a mark. Michael grabs him, and Tommy says, "Samhain!" This somehow makes Michael freeze up, and let Tommy go. --When they all leave, Wynn goes up to Michael, "What have they done to you!" --Loomis tells Tommy, "Get as far away from Haddonfield as possible!" then talks about his unfinished business. --Loomis goes back inside the sanitarium, sees Michael lying on the floor, and says, "It's all over Michael!" He pulls of the mask...to see it's Wynn!" --Wynn grabs Loomis' arm, "Michael's gone! It's your game now Dr. Loomis!" --Loomis looks at his wrist, and sees the Thorn |> mark majically appear! He then screams in agony (like in the t-cut). We then see Michael, dressed as the man in black, walk off into the distance.

Now, besides the ending, I think the rest should have been used. But in some ways, the p-cut would have ruined the series...

Here are points which I am glad were deleted...

1. Jamie getting raped by Michael. This incestuous scene was ridiculous! If Michael could get close enough to Jamie to do the nasty with her, why not simply kill her?

2. In the p-cut, Michael blindly followed Thorn. In the t-cut, Michael proves that Thorn does NOT controll him at all...he was in fact using them to get to Jamie and the baby! This is made very clear when he slaughters the doctors.

3. Wynn is Michael's guardian? It's a good thing they changed Wynn to a doctor with his own evil agenda, which made more logical sense.

4. Loomis as the new man in black? While this might have been interesting (probably not) the fact is that Donald P. died. So they had to integrate his death somehow, and simply having his scream was abiguous enough to the point where a writer could write off his death in the next one. (not that they do anyways)

5. A lead pipe is better than the power of the runes.

I will say this...while the t-cut ending was crappy, it was a lot more logical than the p-cut ending.

I advise all of you out there to obtane the p-cut, you won't be displeased!