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"Random Thoughts"

Hey, this is Nolan Baxter. A friend of mine told me about your page, I like it. I laughed so hard reading your "Tina" page I pissed my pants! Good job. I hated H20. They needed to make the movie longer and not make it Scream 3. I was even looking for Sidney in this one. Jamie Lee kicks @ss! Update your sight, maybe make an updates page or a news page. Live long and hang low!

Justin Price writes... I think Halloween 8 should begin with Laurie picking "Micheal's" head up and taking the mask off to see it's not Micheal. She then screams in terror knowning his still out there. A year or so passes and John and Molly (she is annyoing, cried too much)have graduated and moved in together. As Halloween approaches, Laurie starts getting paranoid and starts drinking alot, and takes a lethal dose of alchol and medication that kills her. Halloween comes and goes with no Micheal. During the next year, John learns about his sister that he never knew, Jamie. He and Molly journey to Haddonfield to find out what happened to Jamie and meet Tommy Doyle, Kara Strode Doyle (married Tommy)and John's nephew Stephen. Danny has gone away to a private school and to get pyschriatic help so he won't be seen. Halloween comes and Micheal returns to Haddonfield to kill John and Steven, thus finishing his bloodline. The ultimate battle begins as John and the gang fight to save their lives from Micheal,and end it forever. Note Molly would be the first to die in the group just to please the audience. Rachel's parents would also appear in one scene where John goes and asks them about Jamie. Basically when they learn he is a relative to Jamie and Micheal, they throw him out thinking Micheal will come and haunt them again.

Jon Hodges writes... Greetings, I am Halloween fan #4,886,235 also known as JH on the regular Halloween messageboards. I happen stumble across your website to Rachel/Ellie and I think it is EXCELLENT!!! You have done such a fantastic job with it, and your research into all the movies is quite impressive! What I like most is that you have been able to successfully tie in ALL the movies with a plausible and consistent storyline. It is refreshing to see not just a Halloween site, but one dedicated to such an enjoyable character (There's also a site for loveable Bucky, the power man from H4!) It's a shame she met such a tragic end in H5. The "what ifs" for that film will forever haunt Halloween fans.

My reviews of the films are thus:

H1: A classic that created the standards all other horror movies spawned from and fail to live up to.

H2: Excellent film, with a touch of romance, suspense, and the colorful antics of Mr. Garrett. That final chase scene is a thrill ride! :)

H3: A good, if somewhat cheesy, movie that was unfornate enough to be named Halloween.

H4: The first Halloween movie I ever saw when it hit the theatres. Dwight Little did a fine job directing, a good script, likable characters, an ending with a twist, and best of all.........RACHEL :) To give a good idea how well done this movie was, I remember the teen audience actually sat and quietly watched the movie, as opposed to when I saw Friday 13th: The New Blood where they howled and cheered with each kill like it was a session of Jerry Springer!

H5: This one really takes's hard not to fast forward to the good moments. I liked the bit with the psychic link and the Man in Black, but they should've explained more clearly the hermit and Michael's one year hiatus. A bit disappointing with all the goofy teens, but I liked the final confrontation also, unlike other fans, I actually thought the new Myers house was better than the old one..............and then (sigh) there's Tina!! :0

H6: Disappointing, a little confusing, raised more questions than it answered. Joe Chapelle must've been quite a jerk, considering that Paul Rudd vowed never to do another Halloween movie. What's even more disgusting, they wouldn't pay Harris a paltry $5000 to reprise her role as Jamie. And Joe thought Pleasence was too boring, so he cuts out as much Loomis as possible! The blasphemies just keep piling up.

H6 Producers cut: Better than H6. More scenes with Loomis, more with Jamie (for what it's worth) better atmosphere and made more sense. Overall with both versions, there were likeable characters to balance the annoying ones.

H7: Quite a good movie. JLC does a fine job, plenty of suspenseful moments, although I think there are too many false scares in the first half. I liked Adam Arkin's character, LLCoolJ was okay (a lot of people worried about his acting ability). First death was the worst kill, last one was the best.

H8: ???? Who knows what the future brings? I enjoy a good sequal, H4 being a perfect example. The only criteria needed is a good story and likeable characters. The Halloween mythology has created so many different varieties (Michael vs. Laurie, Mike vs. Jamie and Rachel, Mike vs. Tommy and Kara, Mike vs. older and wiser Laurie and son, etc.)

Keep up the good work, this site is just fantastic. You also have some nice Halloween fanfiction. I heartily recommend putting it on the Halloween Fan Fiction page hosted by a poster named Sumbudy. It is an excellent site with a large variety of Halloween fanfiction. In case you haven't been there, the site is at:

There is a wonderful story by Sumbudy called Halloween 5: The New Evil. It's where Rachel teams up with Tommy Doyle. I also intend to rewrite Halloween 5 to have a kickass story line with thrills, chills and Rachel, Rachel Rachel! :)

Oh, and I must say you are quite an attractive model. Nice photo with the knife! :) Hey, you have a nice day.

Peace JH

Michael Still writes... You have a really neat page (i found the Tina bashing incredibly funny). While I am here, I feel I should explain what I think of the Halloween series. Each description describes my thoughts and what I think John Carpenter and everybody elts thought Is it just me, or do the ones that should be to be continued end with someone (usually DOnald Pleascence, but Danielle Harris got her turn) saying "No." Haloween Nothing beats the original, the suspens in this one really gets you. Johhn Carpenter had a real brainchild in Halloween, to bad he refused to help make 4-7. I think, like the movie itsdelf, he wanted to leave the ending up to us. Halloween 2 Not a bad sequel, mabye the best Halloween sequel, made with compedence towards it's erlier counterpart. John probably understood the need for a sequel, but wanted this one to be FINNAL. Halloween 3 John Carpenter refused to do anything more about Mike, so he gave us this, hoping we would ask for a sequel to this and leave Mike alone. No such luck. Acctually, I havn't seen this one, but it's on my list (somewhere) Halloween 4 John was probbaly pissed of we didn't take the HAlloween 3 bait, so refused to be a part of this. He really didn't know what he was missing, this was a great Halloween, with Jamie and Rachel to continue a good trend. Halloween 5 Ok, every horror movie series, no matter how good has its peiceofshit sequel. But this one really slapped every Halloween fan in the face. This one was determined to make money and forgot, a plot, a good cast, suspense, dialog that doesn't make you want to kill someone and use of good characters. They KILLED RACHEL, and in the first 20 minutes, giving her top billing just to trick us. Tina, Mike, Spits (what the hell kind of name is that anyways) and the clown cops, what the hell is this, Sleepaway Camp 3? The only suspens in this was acctually thinking Tina would survive (noooooooooooooooooooooooo)I am writing my own H5 for the Fan fiction archive JH mentioned, hopefully better. Halloween 6 really, I don't see what everyones got against this movie. After Halloween 6, it was a breath of fresh air. One thing I didn't like was the director and producers cheapening the movie with slice and dice editing. The producer SHOOT DOWN DANNIEL HARRIS BECAUSE SHE ASKED FOR A NORMAL AMOUNT OF MONEY? but, then again, if she had signed, wouldn't it be kind of like Rachel's death in H5. As for Thorn, c'mon, someone had to explain exactly what Mike was. The suspense was really still there. The grusomeness was really uncalled for: a head explosion, Jamie's death (prolonging exactly how dissapointed we were), the ripping sound of Tim's death. Halloween H20 The movie itself was good, but again this one kindof did slap us in the face, at least those of us who liked 4-6. And, the decapitation felt like it wasn't suiting enough for the Michael Myers we know and love to hate. That's why Halloween 8 would be so appreciated. From Michael Still, Regina Sask, Canada aka: Wynn

Hugh Brown writes... Hello. My name is Hugh Brown, I love the Halloween movies. I really don't agree with you with your Halloween8. It would be really cool if they made another one, but they couldn't incorperate the delted scenes in H20 because everyone would be really confused. And they can't start another Michael Myers. That would be really stupid. It would almost be as bad Friday the 13 part 5: A New Beginning. No one would fall for another Michael or any thing else. I myself, really categorize Halloween1, 2, and H20 from 4, 5, and 6. Mainly because 1, 2 and H20, have nothing to do with Thorn, Jamie, Men In Black... Anything in parts 4-6! And I really like 1, 2, and H20 much better. I don't think Michael is controlled by some rune. I do agree with some parts though. There is really no way Michael can be that powerful. That's where I agree with the Man In Black. I don't like the rune part though.

RON writes... hey man, i like what u had to say about "Route 1" of the Halloween 8 debate....i was thinking they should do something along those same lines as well, that would definitely be best.....also, would you happen to know anywhere i can get my hands on a Halloween 6: Producer's Cut, of decent to good quality? please e-mail me back as soon as you can, take it easy. - Devoted Fan, RON

Jeff writes.... Well Props to You dude for Creating a page dedicated the the sweet and sexy Ellie Cornell! I must admit, she is one of the actresses I fell in love with in my teen years...I was 13 when Halloween 4 came out and ELLIE stayed on my mind for quite a while!! I cant wait to see her in a new FREE ENTERPRISE out yet?? I'm DYING to see what she looks like now!! If You ever find out anything new about her please keep me posted! Thanks dude! How old r ya? where from? I am an independent film-maker from Massachusetts...I am currently nearing the end of production on my first independent horror-film: BLOOD BROTHERS! Write soon! Jeff

Chad writes.... Hey there!

Surfing around on the Halloween websites and I came across yours and just had to write! Very funny and a nice alternative to most of the Halloween websites out there that really start to look indistinguishable from the next.

About your site: Love the Rachel Carruthers fixation! Yeah, Tina's about as stupid as anyone gets in the Halloween movies, even though her blonde friend was reason enough to hang out with her (and WHY does the incredible dork somehow land the hot girl? I don't get it). Anyway, Kudos to your site! (Although there were a few spelling errors...but that's just nitpicking)

I'm 27 and have been a "Halloween" nut ever since I was 8. Yep, my parents took me to see Halloween when I was EIGHT! BIG MISTAKE! I couldn't sleep for a week and started to fear William Shatner for no apparent reason. Anyway, after getting over that, I loved the film. Halloween was the first R-rated film I ever saw, the first videotape I ever owned (before I even had a VCR), the first video we ever rented when we DID get a VCR, and to date the first film I have seen over 300 times! So I know "Halloween"!

Halloween 2: My second favorite until H20. The major faults with this film is the fact that the Shape (Dick Warlock) walks waaaayy to slow when compared to Nick Castle. My granpa could outrun him in his walker. Also, the entire scene leading up to Garret's hammer-head end is much too long. And Laurie is drugged throughout the film, leaving any line besides grunts and whimpers a rare treat. Where I differ from most fans (who usually have seen the movies out of order) is in the development of the "sister" plot that shows up in this film. Laurie Strode was NOT Michael Myers' sister in the first film and for three years after that until Universal Studios FORCED a sequel. Then John came up with the "other sister" thing he admits "in the middle of the night on about 10 cups of coffee." So whereas many people now constantly see Michael vs. His Sister in the first film, I see "Demented Killer" vs. "Innocent Babysitter."

Halloween 3: Fun. Goofy. Gross. Silly. Nuff said.

Halloween 4: A welcome return with (yes, you're right) RACHEL being arguably the most intelligent (and cute ;-) ) protagonist in ALL of the films. And even though the whole Michael's-sister-well-not-really-originally-planned-sister-but-sister-noneth eless-died-in-a-car-crash-because-Jamie Lee Curtis-won't-take-the-goddamn-part-so-let's-give-her-a-daughter-and-have-Mic hael-go-after-his-NIECE! plot made me chuckle (let's hope he doesn't have any distant cousins living in Montana or something) I liked it very much. The major fault was Donald Pleasance was starting to get pretty OLD and he sounded kinda drunk throughout this film. But a VERY noble effort.

Halloween 5: My opinion the WORST of them ALL. It sucked. It REALLY sucked. Rachel, who was charming and intelligent and sweet in 4, is suddenly kinda stupid, ditzy and walking around half-clothed (not that I necessarily mind, but it just doesn't fit the character) and so after surviving an all-nighter just the year before, she's the first one kiled off (ala Friday the 13th) in this one. And then it gets worse. The murders are too Jason-ish (pitchforks?) and the plotlines STUPID: The Thorn thing is stupid. The fact that Michael is taken care of by an old fart (a sea captain in Haddonfield, Ill?) FOR A WHOLE YEAR and then suddenly gets up and kills the guy, the fact that Halloween continues its tradition of having the protagonist from the earlier film totally silent in the next by silencing Dannielle Harris, and Loomis is HILARIOUSLY bad. I swear to God he's as drunk as a skunk in this awful piece of crap. Watch it again and keep that in mind and you'll laugh your ass off! As soon as Michael is rescued from jail by some Zorro wannabe, I was ready to call Moustapha Akkad and tell him that "Hisss lateist moobie wit deMichael Mires sukked a Beeg Vone, no?" and hang up.

Halloween 6: Since I'm taking up too much of your time already I'll cut this one short. I tend to differ (again) with most fans in by thinking this wasn't as bad as 5. In fact, some parts of it I really liked. But of course the whole Damn thorn thing comes through and sends it all to hell. But, I daresay its STILL better than 5!

H20: My second favorite. Yes, it's too "teen-ish" (no offense!) and Scream-similar (but there were teens in Halloween 1 and Halloween 1 was a MAJOR influence on Scream) but the point is that Jamie Lee was back and fantastic! I only wish Danielle Harris was in it. And they finally killed him.

If he comes back without a head, I'm gonna sue.

Oh well, It looks like I wrote WAY too much here and have taken up too much of your time. Sorry 'bout that, but I tend to go on and on when Halloween is discussed.

Again, great site! Keep up the great work and keep that sense of humor as sharp as it is! Let me know if you agree/disagree with anything I've said here. And hey, I didn't barf! On the other hand, you're quite attractive! So fend the boys off with a large stick and good luck with everything!


Jeremy Connor writes: Hi! My name is Jeremy Conner and a true Halloween fan. Like you I was just devestated when they killed off Rachel in part 5. I would love to see her in Halloween 8! I was thinking of ways to revive her and I have a treatment with Rachel in it. I hope that Ellie Cornell will make a return to the Halloween series and put Michael in his place! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one who misses Rachel and thinks her character shouldn't have died, I hope to here from you soon. Ellie Cornell rules!!!

John (the Canuck) from Canada writes: I have been to just about every Halloween site on the web and I can honestly tell you that you have, without a shadow of a doubt, the most comprehensive and detailed Halloween page I have ever seen. I like how you incorporate the Halloween world into your page with "WWAR News" for example. As far your opinions of the series, I pretty much agree with you. I admit there are a few things that I see differently, but nothing major though.

I live up here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I'll tell you...I feel like the only person in the world who realizes how awesome the Halloween movies are. On the net, I talk to other Halloween fans (like yourself from the US) and they are the only ones that I can have a REAL Halloween conversation with. In my school, for instance, unless I'm talking "Scream" nobody has a clue about horror movies, let alone Halloween. I've spent the last hour and a bit reading everything on your site and all I can say is...well done.

There isn't much to say about Halloween movies. Interesting plots, good acting, characters (except Tina, of course), setting and two words...Michael Myers. I've loved Halloween movies for each of the 15 years I've been around. Halloween 2 is my personal favourite movie, as for the rest of the series, they'd probably go 4, 6, 1, 7, and 5. 6 edges out 1 simply because (for me at least) it is scarier. Even as far down as H20, I like it. 5 is the only one I can't commit to...that horrid Myers' mask and the God-awful locations, for example the Myers' house, make me sick. As far as people who have played Michael, I definitely agree that Castle, Warlock and Wilbur give good performances, while Shanks and Durand are just a couple of idiots.

So this is the big finale. Once again, great site. I give you an A+++. I like those drawings you did...but you forgot one of Michael! Anyway, I hope I hear back from you. You have brought honour to Halloween fans everywhere!

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