"I've got some Big, Big News for you." ~Annie Brackett

"Happy Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!"

Hi Everybody!

Well, I'm sure what many of you (year right) were wondering what my Halloween Surprise is gonna be, well, now you know!

I've spent many a night sweating away to making these Halloween characatures, and I hope you all enjoy them!

And no....Dr. Loomis and Michael were simply too hard to draw....sorry, but it's true. (especially Michael, I don't think Michael was created to be characatured anyway)

So before you, you see Laurie, Marion, Jamie, John, Rachel, Kara, Danny, and Lynda in my point of view. (Yes, I am aware that Rachel looks a little like Ms. Piggy, I did not intend on that, but I was tired that night and you see the outcome....).

You'll also note that each picture has a pumpkin somewhere in it, well, that kinda links them all to HalloweeN!

I know the pix themselves are kinda big.....go figure. Thank Tripod. But if any of you think I really should shrink them down a little, e-mail me and tell me, and I can then try.

Happy HalloweeN!