Everyone thought HIM dead, he wasn't. Everyone thought HER dead, she was!

Moustapha Akkad presents

A James Cameron film

Ellie Cornell ~~~ Leonardo DiCapprio ~~~ Courtney Cox ~~~ Josh Hartnett

and Drew Barrymore as "Dr. Monica DiMonaco"


Halloween 8: The Revival of Rachel Corruthers

Also, special appearence by Donald Pleasance as "The Voice of Dr. Sam Loomis"

Feared is a legond no one will forget, Michael Myers started killing at the tender age of 6 when he murdered his sister Judith. For years he was locked up, but he escaped. He wanted to murder his entire family. First he tried to kill Laurie Strode, then Jamie Lloyd, then Stephen Lloyd, then Laurie again and her son John. He failed. It was thought that Laurie Strode was the only one who could stop him, and she was....untill one fateful day...

Rachel Corruthers was a smart, modern, pretty, successful, vibrant, hip woman of the 80's. Untill October 31, 1989. Michael Myers stabbed Rachel in the heart with a pair of sissors. She died. But, she was not forgotton. After erecting The Rachel Corruthers Memorial Library in Haddonfield, Dr. Onward, local scientist, extracted some DNA from Rach's grave, and thanx to modern DNA technology, finally made a clone of her! Meet Rachel Corruthers 2, an exact duplicate of the Rach we all remember, except she has Super-Vision, Bionic Speed, and she can lift a van without breaking a sweat.

Tradgedy ensues when Laurie Strode/Keri Tate dies in a freak plumming accident. During the funeral, John learns the fate of his dead long-lost sister, Jamie. He has nowhere else to go, so John is naturally sent to live with the Corruthers family back in Haddonfield, and even though Rach2 tells him "Were not really brother/sister John, but that doesn't mean that I love you any less!" John meets Tommy Doyle, Kara Strode, Danny Strode, and his nephew Stephen. John begins going through serious emotional trauma because of this. At first it was simply the fact that Michael had made his childhood a living hell due to the fact that his mother was half-crazy. Then, Michael tried to kill his mother, and himself. But now John learns that Michael killed his sister, a sister he obviously forgot over the course of time.

An especially emotional scene has John watching the sleeping Stephen, and silently vowing to take revenge on his uncle!

October 31, 1999 comes around, and Rachel knows that Michael is out there, but this time SHE'S ready! While she, Tommy, and Kara plan Michael's death, Danny begins hearing the voices again...the voices that tell him to KILL!

Coming next Halloween, to a theater near you!