The Characters of Halloween

Well, this is going to be a long one, but enjoy!

The Myers Family

Michael Myers-Killed sister Judith, tried to kill Laurie Strode in 1978 and 1998, tried to kill Jamie Lloyd in 1988 and 1989, killed Jamie in 1995, tried to kill Stephen Lloyd same year, tried to kill John Tate in 1998. Shot 11 times in 1978, Set on fire in 1978, Stabbed several times in 1978, shot many times in 1988, Car accident in 1989, Sudated and beat several times in 1989, Injected with unknown chemical in 1995, Beat with lead pipe in 1995, not sure what happons in 1998, but I think it has to do with an axe.

Dennis Myers-Father of Judith, Michael, and Laurie. Killed in auto-accident.

Carol Myers-Mother of Judith, Michael, and Laurie. Killed in auto-accident.

Judith Myers-Stabbed to death by Michael at the age of 16 in 1963.

Laurie Myers/Laurie Strode/Laurie Lloyd/Keri Tate-Attacked by Michael. Married Jamie Lloyd in 1980. Had 2 children; Jamie and John. Divorced Jimmy, got custody of John. The two fled to California, where Laurie changed her name to Keri Tate.

Jamie Lloyd-Daughter of Jimmy Lloyd and Laurie Strode. When father and step-mother were killed in 1987, she was adopted by the Corruthers family. Attacked by uncle Michael in 1988 and 1989. Abducted by Thorn cult, where she escaped in 1995 with her newborn baby, Stephen. She was killed by being impaled on a corn thresher.

John Lloyd/John Tate-Son of Jimmy Lloyd and Laurie Strode. Went into hiding with mother in 1984, in which his name was changed to John Tate.

Stephen Lloyd-Son of Jamie Lloyd...and who?...Shortly after his birth, his mother was killed by Michael. He was found by Tommy Doyle, and protected by him and Kara Strode.


Dr. Samual Loomis-Assigned to Michael Myers in 1963. Saw the evil in Michael's eyes. Tracked Michael down in 1978 and saved Laurie. Returned in 1988 and 1989 to help Jamie. Suffered a stroke, and retired. Returned once again in 1995 to find Michael, and helped Tommy Doyle stop Michael again. Died shortly after.

Marion Chambers-Wittington-Nurse working for the Mental Health Department. She was attacked by Michael, and also helped save Laurie in 1978. She eventually married, and was killed by Michael in 1998.

Jimmy Lloyd-Survivor of Michael's attack at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital in 1978. Married Laurie Strode in 1980, and had 2 children; John and Jamie. Divorced Laurie in 1984, but got custody of Jamie. Remarried in 1985, but he and his new wife were killed in an automobile accident in 1987, which led to Jamie being adopted by the Corruthers family.

Rachel Corruthers-Foster-sister of Jamie Lloyd. Saved Jamie's life in 1988, but in 1989 she was stabbed in the heart by Michael Myers.

Richard Corruthers-Foster-father of Jamie Lloyd.

Darlene Corruthers-Foster-mother of Jamie Lloyd.

Morgan Strode-Foster-father of Laurie. Co-Owner of Strode Realty.

Pamela Strode-Foster-mother of Laurie.

Kara Strode-Foster-cousin of Laurie. Mother of Danny Strode. Helped Tommy defeat Michael in 1995.

Danny Strode-Son of Kara and ? Heard "The Voice Man" tell him to kill. Helped save his mother while being strangled by Michael.

John Strode-Foster-uncle of Laurie. Co-Owner of Strode Realty. Killed in 1995.

Debra Strode-Foster-aunt of Laurie. Killed by Michael in 1995.

Timothy Strode-Son of John and Debra, brother to Kara. Killed by Michael in 1995.

Annie Brackett-Daughter of Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Friend of Laurie Strode. Girlfriend to Paul. Killed in 1978.

Lynda-Haddonfield High School Cheerleader. "Totally" friends with Annie and Laurie, and going out with Bob. Killed in 1978.

Bob-Boyfriend to Lynda, I think he was a football player. Killed in 1978.

Paul-Annie's boyfriend.

Sheriff Leigh Brackett-Father to Annie. Assisted Dr. Loomis, untill he discovered his daughter's death. Retired and moved with his wife to St. Petersburg in 1982.

Lonnie-kid who picked on Tommy Doyle.

Keith-Boy who picked on Tommy Doyle.

Richi-Kid who picked on Tommy Doyle.

Dr. Mixter-Grave shift doctor at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Killed in 1978.

Nurse Alves-Head nurse of the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Killed in 1978.

Jill-Nurse at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Killed in 1978.

Karen-Nurse at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. For a nurse, she drives a very, very nice car.

Janet-Kind of a Candystripe nurse at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Killed in 1978.

Bud-Paramedic. Died in 1978.

Mr. Garrett-Security Guard at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. Died in 1978.

Gary Hunt-Member of the Haddonfield Police Department. Assisted Dr. Loomis after Sheriff Brackett left.

Bennett Tramer-Laurie's first crush. Died in 1978.

Alice-Haddonfield teenager who was killed by Michael in 1978.

Darcy-Friend of Karen.

Mrs. Elrod-Elderly woman who's knife was stolen by Michael in 1978

Mr. Elrod-Mrs. Elrod's husband.

Tommy Doyle-Laurie Strode babysat him in 1978. He was so moved by seeing Michael, he studied the black arts. In 1995, he found Jamie Lloyd's baby, Stephen, and along with Dr. Loomis and Kara Strode, tried to defeat Michael.

Lindsey Wallace-Annie Brackett was babysitting her untill she was dumped into Laurie's lap. She was also Rachel Corruthers friend.

Marshall-Arrived with Marion Chambers to take Dr. Loomis back to Smith's Grove. Killed in 1978.

Dr. Rogers-High-up in the Mental Health Department, and sent Marion Chambers to get Dr. Loomis, afraid that Michael escape could jepordize the entire rehabilitation program.

Mr. Riddle-Annie thought he was watching Laurie. In 1998, he's 107!

Robert Mundy-WWAR reporter covering the 3 murders at the Wallace House.

Dr. Hoffman-Chief Administrator of the Ridgemont Federal Hospital.

Sheriff Benjamin Meeker-Sheriff of Haddonfield Police when Sheriff Brackett left. He assisted Dr. Loomis in finding Michael. His daugter was killed in 1988. He was killed at the Haddonfield Police Department in 1989.

Jack Sayer-Strange reverend who picked Dr. Loomis up when he needed it. Gave Dr. Loomis some spiritual advise, which Dr. Loomis reflected upon.

Brady-Unfaithful almost-boyfriend of Rachel Corruthers. He was killed in 1988.

Kelly Meeker-Daughter of Ben Meeker. Killed in 1988.

Bucky-Haddonfield Power Maintenance worker. Killed in 1988.

Earl-Owned local bar. Attempted to help Rachel and Jamie, but killed in 1988.

Al-Lost his son in 1978, possibly was killed in 1988.

Ted Hollister-Killed by Hick mob in 1988.

Deputy Logan-Haddonfield Police member. Killed in 1988.

Billy Hill-Jamie Lloyd's only love. He was a patient at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic. He tried to help Jamie save Tina in 1989, but was almost killed himself.

Tina Williams-Annoying Haddonfield teenager. Friends with Rachel and Sam. Dated Mike. Killed while trying to protect Jamie.

Samantha-Friend of Rachel and Tina. Dated Spitz. Killed in 1989.

Spitz-Boyfriend of Samantha. Killed in 1989.

Mike-Boyfriend of Tina. Killed in 1989.

Dr. Hart-Leading physitian at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic. Possibly killed in 1989.

Nurse Palsey-Nurse who was in charge of watching the children at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic.

Hermit-Found Michael in 1988. He took care of Michael an entire year, untill Michael revived and killed him in 1989.

The Man In Black/Dr. Terence Wynn-Chief Administrator of the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium. He doubted Dr. Loomis' claims of Michael's evil back in the 70's. But sometime after that it seems, he began to understand Michael's power and formed the Thorn cult. He arrived in Haddonfield in 1989, and caused the explosion at the Haddonfield Police Station. He abducted Jamie and Michael. In 1995, his theory about being able to control Michael proved to be untru when Michael killed some of his staff/thorn members.

Beth-Timothy Strode's girlfriend. Killed in 1995. Barry Simms-Popular radio talk show personnal. He went to Haddonfield in 1995 to broadcast the revival of Halloween. He was killed by Michael when he accidently got into the Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium van.

Sheriff Holdt-New Sheriff of Haddonfield when Ben Meeker died. Unlike Brackett and Meeker, Holdt didn't support Dr. Loomis at all.

Dr. Bonham-Doctor at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital who studied the autopsy of Jamie Lloyd and determined she had given birth.

Dawn-Dr. Terence Wynn's secretary. She informed Wynn and Loomis of Jamie's death. Possible Thorn member.

Mrs. Blankenship-Haddonfield resident. She was babysitting Michael in 1963 when he murdered Judith. In 1995, she had already joined the Thorn cult and assisted them in abducting Kara, Danny, and Stephen.

Jimmy Howell-Neighbor of Marion Chambers-Wittington. He was killed in 1998.

Molly Cartwell-John Tate's girlfriend.

Sarah-Friends with John Tate and Molly. Girlfriend to Charlie. Killed in 1998.

Charlie-Friends wirh John Tate and Molly. Boyfriend to Sarah. Killed in 1998.

Ronnie Jones-Security guard at the private academy where Keri Tate works. Killed in 1998.

Norma-Secretary at the Private Academy where Keri Tate works.

Will Brennam-Counselor at the Private Academy where Keri Tate works. Loves Keri, but was killed in 1998.

Lester-Lindsey Wallace's dog. Hated Annie. Killed in 1978

Sunday-Rachel Corruthers' and Jamie Lloyd's dog. Killed in 1988.

Max-Rachel Corruthers' and Jamie Lloyd's dog. Killed in 1989.


Towns involved in Halloween.


Smith's Grove




Significant Halloween places-

The Myers House/Strode House

Haddonfield Public Schools

The Strode House

The Wallace House

The Doyle House

The Haddonfield Memorial Hospital

The Corruthers House

The Meeker House

The Haddonfield Police Department

Vincent's Drug Store

Blankenship's Apartment House

Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium

Haddonfield Community College

Haddonfield Bus Depot.

Haddonfield Children's Clinic

The Tower Farm


I hope you enjoyed reading this. I hope that this proves that Halloween is more than just a simply horror movie series, it's a realistic movie series.

Thank you.