Favorite Halloween Quotes


"Will you Call me tomorrow?" ~Judith Myers

"Yeah, sure." ~Judith's Boyfriend

"Michael!" ~Judith Myers


"There is insufficient security. Please! I am begging you!" ~Dr. Loomis

"You've fooled them, haven't you Michael? But not me." ~Dr. Loomis


"Don't you think you could refer to IT as HIM?" ~Marion Chambers

"If you say so." ~Dr. Loomis

"Your compassion's overwhelming, doctor." ~Marion Chambers

"Fate never changes." ~Laurie's English Teacher

"Totally!" ~Lynda

"Hey jerk, speed kills!" ~Annie Brackett

"I hate a guy with a car and no sense of humor!" ~Annie Brackett

"It's Halloween, I guess everyone's entitled one good scare." ~Leigh Brackett

"Yes sir. Nice seeing you, sir." ~Laurie Strode

"Hurry up, hurry up. Shut the door, shut the door! Some guy is following me!" ~Lynda

"Promise you won't rip it?" ~Laurie Strode

"I totally promise!" ~Lynda

"I totally don't believe you." ~Laurie Strode

"Now for god's sakes he can't drive a car!" ~Dr. Wynn

"He was doing very well last night! Maybe someone around here gave him lessons!" ~Dr. Loomis

"Are you still spooked?" ~Annie Brackett

"What about the boogyman?" ~Tommy Doyle

"There is no boogyman." ~Laurie Strode

"I met him 15 years ago. I was told there was nothing left, no reason, no conscience, no understanding in even the most rudementary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong. I met this 6 year old child with this blank, pale, emotionless face and the blackest eyes, the Devil's eyes. I spent 8 years trying to reach him, and another 7 trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply evil." ~Dr. Loomis

"I've got some big, big news for you!" ~Annie Brackett

"Oh hi Lester. I'm about to be ripped apart by the family dog. I hate that dog, I'm the only person in the world he doesn't like." ~Annie Brackett

"You've locked yourself in!" ~Lindsey Wallace

"I know!" ~Annie Brackett

"Laurie! The boogyman's outside! Laurie, he's out there!" ~Tommy Doyle

"Hey Lonnie, get your ass away from there!" ~Dr. Loomis

"Oh Paul, I give you all. No key's, but pleeeease my Paul." ~Annie Brackett

"Everyone's having fun tonight." ~Laurie Strode

"What's the matter, can't I get your ghost, Bob?" ~Lynda

"Bob? Lynda? Annie?" ~Laurie Strode

"Alright you meatheads, jokes over!" ~Laurie Strode

"Now I want you to listen to me. I want you to go downstairs and out the front door. And I want you to go down the street, to the McKenzie's house. I want you to knock on their door, and I you to tell to call the police and send them over here. Now do as I say. Go."

"I found the car, he's here!" ~Dr. Loomis

"It was the boogyman." ~Laurie Strode

"As a matter of fact, it was." ~Dr. Loomis

"Is this some kind of joke? I've been trick-or-treated to death tonight." ~Neighbor

"You don't know what death is!" ~Dr. Loomis

"I've shot him six times!" ~Dr. Loomis

"Someone was screaming nextdoor. Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Elrod. His wife's always picking on him. He probably got angry and decided to start beating her. Well big deal!" ~Alice

"Don't let them put me to sleep" ~Laurie Strode

"Where's Dr. Mixter?" ~Jimmy Lloyd

"He's been at the country club, I think he's drunk." ~Jill

"Mrs. Alves is gonna kill me." ~Karen

"Why me? I mean, why me?" ~Laurie Strode

"Repeating for those of you who've just tuned in...three people are dead tonight, as the result of an attack by an escaped mental patient. Further details will be forthcoming as soon as we get them." ~Robert Mundy

"Somebody broke into the security room." ~Mr. Garrett

"Mr. Garrett, how do you work this thing?" ~Janet

"Dr. Mixter! It's Laurie Strode, she's had a reaction to the medication, you better come quick! Dr. Mixter..." ~Janet

"I can't find anybody. Bud's gone, Mrs. Alves is gone. We've got to find Laurie." ~Jimmy Lloyd

"Dr. Loomis, you've been ordered back to Smith's Grove." ~Marion Chambers

"Ordered! He can't order me!" ~Dr. Loomis

"No! No, but the governer can. He spoke to Dr. Rogers personally on the phone..." ~Marion Chambers

"The governer! Well, well, well..." ~Dr. Loomis

"Dr. Loomis this thing is all over the state! A patient escapes once, murders three teenagers, you shoot him with a gun, he escapes again!" ~Marion Chambers

"Someone should have listened to me before." ~Dr. Loomis

"I know, I'm sorry. Dr. Rogers is just afraid this could jepordize our whole rehabilitation program. He doesn't want anyone from the Mental Health Department anywhere near Haddonfield." ~Marion Chambers

"Then why did he send you here?" ~Dr. Loomis

"In case you'd already found him, alive." ~Marion Chambers

"Laurie! Oh god, Laurie! Laurie wait! Wait, Laurie!" ~Jill

"Dr. Loomis, there's something else you should know. There's a file on Michael Myers that nobody knew about." ~Marion Chambers

"I've seen everything." ~Dr. Loomis

"No! No, it was hidden. Sealed by the courts. Now after the governer hears what happoned tonight, he authorized Dr. Rogers to open it." ~Marion Chambers

"What file?!?" ~Dr. Loomis

"It isn't fair. They should have allowed you to examine everything. That girl, that Strode girl, that's Michael Myers sister. She was born 2 years before he was committed. 2 years after his parents died and she was adopted by the Strodes. They requested that the records be sealed in order to protect the family." ~Marion Chambers

"Jesus, don't you see what he's doing here in Haddonfield? He murdered one sister 15 years ago, now he's trying to kill the other." ~Dr. Loomis

"Why won't he die?" ~Laurie Strode

"Marion Chambers with Dr. Loomis at the clinic, he's here!" ~Marion Chambers

"Unit 4, identify suspect." ~Cop

"Michael Myers, now get your ass over here!" ~Marion Chambers

"Michael! Michael stop!" ~Laurie Strode

"It's time, Michael." ~Dr. Loomis


"With Myers gone, I hope that Loomis with transfer, retire, or die." ~Dr. Hoffman

"Did Hoffman say anything about living relatives?" ~Female Attendant

"Yeah, a neice living in his hometown." ~Male Attendant

"Do you love me, Rachel?" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Ugh, serious questions tonight, of course I love you." ~Rachel Corruthers

"You know your mom used to babysit me when I was your age, I bet you didn't know that." ~Rachel Corruthers

"Your lucky, I wish she could do the same for me." ~Jamie Lloyd

"We'll have french toast for breasfast." ~Rachel Corruthers

"Well couldn't Susan just bring her crutches?" ~Darlene Corruthers

"How about after school, I take you to get some ice cream." ~Rachel Corruthers

"Double Scoops?" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Double Scoops!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"How come your mommy didn't make you a costume, Jamie?" ~Snotty girl

"How could she? Her mommy's dead!" ~Snotty Boy

"Jamie's mommy's a mummy!" ~Snotty boy #2

"Stop it okay? Just stop it!" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Jamie's an orphan! Jamie's an orphan! Jamie's uncle's the boodyman!" ~All three kids

"Hey Rach, Discount Mart's having a sale on Halloween costumes!" ~Lindsey Wallace

"So, do I drop you off at the Discount mart or the Dairy Queen?" ~Lindsey Wallace

"Discount mart, can we get ice cream after?" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Sure" ~Rachel Corruthers

"Even if by some miracle Michael is conscious, his muscles would be totally useless! Give the troopers some time to search." ~Dr. Hoffman

"You're talking about him as if he were a man, that part of him died years ago." ~Dr Loomis

"Michael, don't return to Haddonfield. If you want another victim, take me. Just leave those people in peace. Michael, God damn you!" ~Dr. Loomis

"Money talks, and bullshit walks." ~Brady

"Fuck off, Wade!" ~Kelly Meeker

"It's the boogyman. He's coming to get me, Rachel." ~Jamie Lloyd

"Ten years ago, he tried to kill Laurie Strode. Tonight, he wants her daughter." ~Dr. Loomis

"You talking about Jamie Lloyd?" ~Ben Meeker

"Don't kid! This could mean the difference between spending a vacation in Bermuda, or spending another 2 weeks with your grandmother in Cleveland." ~Darlene Corruthers

"You 2 have fun tonight, okay?" ~Richard Corruthers

"I thought you were different from other guys." ~Rachel Corruthers

"Oh I'm different, it's just that you cancled at the last minute, and I got sorta pissed." ~Brady

"Oh, well I'll let you get back to little miss hot-panties." ~Rachel Corruthers

"Rachel!" ~Brady

"Brady! Are you coming in or what?" ~Kelly Meeker

"Jamie??!!?!? Great Rachel, just great." ~Rachel Corruthers

"I catch you groping my daughter, I'll use that shotgun on you." ~Ben Meeker

"I'm just doing what's best for me." ~Kelly Meeker

"Don't you mean what you do best?" ~Rachel Corruthers

"Why is it up to what men want, or Brady won't be the last man you lose to another woman." ~Kelly Meeker

"Have some coffee." ~Rachel Corruthers

"Were trapped in this house." ~Brady

"Please come alive Rachel! Please come alive! You can't be dead!" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Then we'll be safe?" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Yes!" ~Dr. Loomis

"You don't believe that, do you?" ~Jamie Lloyd

"No." ~Dr. Loomis

"Die you sonofabitch!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"Jamie, get away!" ~Ben Meeker

"Don't touch him Jamie!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"Quiet Snooky! Be quiet!" ~Hermit

"Jamie, your bath is ready!" ~Darlene Corruthers


"She has something to tell us." ~Dr. Loomis

"Hey there, funny face." ~Rachel Corruthers

"You know what they can do if they can't take a joke!" ~Tina Williams

"I'll be home in 2 days. Mom and dad send their love." ~Rachel Corruthers

"How could they? When are they going to realize that she is not him, she's just a child." ~Rachel Corruthers

"They know that Michael Myers is her uncle, and that she attacked her stepmother, that's why they fear her, especially on Halloween." ~Dr. Loomis

"I never should have let my parents talk me into leaving. I don't know what I was thinking!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"You're afraid." ~Dr. Loomis

"I am not!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"You're afraid the whole thing might start to happen again. There's nothing wrong with being afraid!" Dr. Loomis

"And I suppose there's nothing wrong with leaving my little foster-sister alone." ~Rachel Corruthers

"You can telephone her from the cabin. She'll be properly cared for." ~Dr. Loomis

"Then why do I still feel guilty?" ~Rachel Corruthers

"Promises were made to be broken, babe." ~Tina Williams

"Shut up Max!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"I love you sweety. You be a good girl. Bye!" ~Rachel Corruthers

"I've just been in a wierd mood today." ~Samantha

"Everyone in this town's in a wierd mood. They should ban Halloween." ~Tina Williams

"Jamie, are you okay?" ~Billy Hill

"Tell me, tell me what you know!" ~Dr. Loomis

"Dr. Loomis! Leave the little girl alone!" ~Nurse Palsey

"There's a reason he has this controll over you, did you ever wonder what it is?" ~Dr. Loomis

"Do you remember how many people he killed last year? Your own daughter?" ~Dr. Loomis

"I don't forget." ~Ben Meeker

"Of course you don't forget! How could you? But you never seen his face. You never saw the eyes." ~Dr. Loomis

"Chill out Max! I'll get you water in a second!" ~Tina Williams

"We have to get ready for the Tower Farm! Hey Mikey, wanna get your legs waxed?" ~Samantha

"Okay asshole, ya wanna play? Trick or treat...." ~Mikey

"These are for you." ~Billy Hill

"It's Tina! Queen of room service!" ~Tina Williams

"Well I can't resist your new look!" ~Tina Williams

"I said stop the goddamn car, I want a pack of cigarettes!" ~Tina Williams

"Co-co-co-co-cook-cookie wo-wo-wo-woma-woman!" ~Jamie Lloyd

"But he was with you!" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Who?" ~Tina Williams

"The Boogyman!" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Oh yeah, that's one way of describing him." ~Tina Williams

"Tina no!" ~Jamie LLoyd

"Please, be sensible!" ~Dr. Loomis

"I'm never sensible if I can help it! Tee hee!" ~Tina Williams

"You don't even know where she is! But I do." ~Billy Hill

"Where?" ~Jamie Lloyd

"The Tower Farm!" ~Billy Hill

"Max!......No!......NOOOOOOOOO! Rachel! No..." ~Jamie Lloyd

"Die....die....die....die!" ~Dr. Loomis

"The National Guard will take him to a maximum security facility where he will stay till the day he dies." ~Ben Meeker

"He'll never die." ~Jamie Lloyd

"No..." ~Jamie Lloyd


"Uncle Michael, please don't hurt me!" ~Jamie Lloyd

"Not dead, just very much retired." ~Dr. Loomis

"The voice man, he's here!" ~Danny Strode

"There's nobody here." ~Kara Strode

"But I've seen him! He says things, BAD things!" ~Danny Strode

"Don't tell me. Your name is Joan. Joan of Arc. And your also hearing voices, right? Now who's coming?" ~Barry Simms

"Michael. Michael Myers! Look someone, anyone, help me. Dr. Loomis, are you out there? Can you hear me Dr. Loomis? I need your help. Oh God please help." ~Jamie Lloyd

"You can't have the baby Michael, you can't have the baby." ~Jamie Lloyd

"Doesn't Danny look cute dressed up as his uncle Tim?" ~Debra Strode

"She's not my daughter any more." ~John Strode

"Tonight's the night we bring some life back into this town!" ~Beth O'Brian

"Sam, That was six years ago. You know Jamie died in that explosion, you know it!" ~Dr. Wynn

"Now Danny, you know that grandpa didn't really hurt mommy. And tonight were gonna go trick or treating! I love you Danny." ~Kara Strode

"Dr. Wynn, there's something you should know." ~Dawn Thompson

"Michael Myers? I just recieved a phone call! That girl Jamie Lloyd? Her body was found this morning near Haddonfield!" ~Dawn Thompson

"That must be Tommy. On a wierdness scale of 1 to 10, he rates about a 13. Supposedly some scary shit happoned to him when he was a kid. He's harmless though. Probably just lonely." ~Beth O'Brian

"Or horny. Something you probably haven't felt in a while." ~Tim Strode

"Steven. Like that name? I think it suits you." ~Tommy Doyle

"It's his mark, he's come home." ~Sam Loomis

"Jamie! I've let you down again!" ~Sam Loomis

"Go back to your crackpot asylum. We don't need you here spouting off ghost stories!" ~Sheriff Robert Holdt

"I suppose it was a ghost that did this! It was a ghost that was on the radio last night! And it's a ghost being carried away!" ~Sam Loomis

"I'm Tommy. Tommy Doyle? Laurie Strode, Jamie's mother, was babysitting me the night when..." ~Tommy Doyle

"Oh God, there are relatives of the people who adopted Laurie. The Strodes. They're living inside the Myers house!" ~Tommy Doyle

"During the autopsy we found this. It's placental fluid. I estimate she gave birth no nore than 24 hours ago." ~Dr. Klein Bonham

"He was my life's work. And my ultamate failure." ~Sam Loomis

"Mrs. Strode, I beg of you. Don't let your family suffer the same fate that Laurie and her daughter suffered!" ~Sam Loomis

"John, they found Jamie Lloyd this morning. Somebody killed her!" ~Debra Strode

"We want the child." ~Voice Man

"But Tommy's my new friend and he knows all about dinosaurs!" ~Danny Strode

"Goddamn it. She actually left." ~John Strode

"How does it feel to pull Halloween out of the proverbial Haddonfield closet?" ~Barry Simms

"Take Danny upstairs. And Kara, whatever you do, don't go back to your house." ~Tommy Doyle

"Watch out for the Boogyman!" ~Beth O'Brian

"Beth, can you hand me a towel? Where are ya when I need ya honey?" ~Tim Strode

"A long, long time ago, it was a night of great power! When the days grew short. And the spirits from the dead, returned to warm themselves be the fireside. All across the land, huge bonfires were lit. Oh, there was a marvelous celebration! People danced, and they played games! And they dressed up in costumes, hoping to ward off the evil spirits. Especially the Boogyman!" ~Janice Blankenship

"What's the Boogyman" ~Danny Strode

"He hears the voice you know. Just like the other little boy that lived in that house." ~Janice Blankenship

"Mommy! It's raining! It's raining red!" ~Little Girl

"Beth! Look out! There's someone in the room! He's right behind you!" ~Kara Strode

"Where's the baby?" ~Kara Strode

"You are a madman." ~Sam Loomis

"Jamie's baby. We are at the dawn of a new generation sam." ~Terrance Wynn

"Evil. Pure, uncorrupted, anchient." ~Terrance Wynn

"I thought Michael Myers was a monster. But you!" ~Sam Loomis

"Come on, you can take that off now. Halloween's over!" ~Terrance Wynn

"Michael, you've one. He's yours!" ~Tommy Doyle

"Mommy!" ~Danny Strode

"Come with us!" ~Tommy Doyle

"No. I have some unfinished business to attend to." ~Dr. Sam Loomis


"Jimmy, someone's broken into my house." ~Marion Chambers-Wittington

"No shit?" ~Jimmy Howell

"No shit." ~Marion Chambers-Wittington

"Hey, has anyone ever told you that second-hand smoking kills?" ~Tony

"Yeah, but their all dead." ~Marion Chambers-Wittington

"Where the hell are the cops?" ~Marion Chambers-Wittington

"I'm over here, godamnit!" ~Marion Chambers-Wittington

"Michael Myers? Yeah, right!" ~Dumbass cop

"And what day is that, John?" ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"Halloween." ~John Tate

"I hadn't noticed." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"We could have a Halloween party, just the four of us!" ~Charlie

"It's statistically proven that all teenagers steal at least once in their life." ~Charlie

"That's enough, I can't take it mom. He's dead. It's been 20 years. What's he waiting for, huh? Don't you think he would have shown up by now?" ~John Tate

"No booze, no drugs, no kidding." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"What's this?" ~John Tate

"Your permission slip." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"It's Halloween, I guess everyone's entitled to one good scare." ~Norma

"I've had my share." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"I think obescity is a turn-on." ~Charlie

"Yoy are so rennaisance!" ~Sarah

"I'll be right back." ~Charlie

"Charlie? No sex games untill I eat!" ~Sarah

"I'm not who you think I am. I changed my name when I went into hiding." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"I guess that's horrible, take off your clothes." ~Will Brennem

"My brother killed my sister." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"Well that's sucky. What did he kill her with?" ~Will Brennem

"A really big kitchen knife." ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd

"What's going on, baby?" ~Ronnie's girlfriend

"I don't know." ~Ronnie Jones

"Come on!" ~Molly Cartwell

"Michael!!!" ~Keri Tate/Laurie Strode Lloyd