"Why won't he die?" ~ Laurie Strode to Dr. Loomis

Haddonfield, Illinois
October 31, 1978

Laurie told Tommy Doyle and Lindsey Wallace to go to the McKenzie's.

Dr. Loomis saw the screaming kids run from the house.

Laurie gets attacked, again, by Michael.

Loomis arrives just in time to shoot him 6 (actually 7?) times as he falls off the balcony.

Laurie looks at Dr. Loomis, "Was it the boogyman?"

Loomis looks at Laurie, "As a matter of fact, it was."

Loomis goes to the front yard...to find no Michael!

A neighbor comes outside, complaining about being trick-or-treated to death tonight.

Loomis stares at him, "You don't know what death is!"

In the meanwhile, Michael gets himself a new knife from poor old Mrs. Elrod, and uses it on a girl names Alice, a neighbor whom he thought might call the police.

Loomis finds Sheriff Leigh Brackett, and the two begin searching the streets together.

The Ambulance arrives to take Laurie to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, while the media surround her....but Laurie knows she is not safe. She tells one of the ambulance personal whom she knows, Jimmy Lloyd, not to let anyone put her to sleep. Jimmy agrees.

Laurie arrives at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, where a drunk Dr. Mixter preforms emergency surgary on her sholder and leg.

Loomis, while trying to convince Leigh that he DID shoot Michael 6 times, spots a man in a mask resembling Michael. He tries to shoot him, but suddenly a cop car smashes into the masked man, sending him into an immediate fiery death!

But that's nothing compared to what happens next...Leigh is informed that his daughter is dead.

Laurie is placed in intensive care, where Jimmy wants to visit her. Love is in the air.

Leigh pulls the sheets off the dead body...and sure enough it's his daughter, Annie Brackett. Her throat is slit, and she's still wearing her "fancy" shirt. Leigh closes her eyes.

Too emotional to continue, Leigh leaves to be with his wife. Officer Gary Hunt takes over the lead of the case. Dr. Loomis tells him that if it wasn't Michael burning by that car, a lot more teemagers will be slaughtered.

Laurie, totally drugged, is informed that the hospital staff cannot reach her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Strode.

Michael, while listening to the radio, learns that Laurie was taken to the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. He begins his jounrey...

Loomis and Hunt check the charred remains of the dead masked boy. The dentist states that he's young, as he has no fillings. But a positive dental record would take hours.

Michael makes his way into the hospital, and begins killing the staff, which include security guard Mr. Garrett, Nurse Janet, Dr. Mixter, Nurse Alves, Nurse Karen, and Bud.

Meanwhile, Gary and Loomis learn that a very drunk teenager named Bennet Tramer is missing. He was wearing a stupid Halloween mask.

Michael enters Laurie's room...and begins stabbing at the bed....but Laurie's gone!!!

Michael leaves, and shortly after Nurse Jill enters and sees Laurie's gone as well.

Laurie, drugged up, limps her way to a deserted room, where she hides.

Loomis and Hunt get a lead that Michael may be at the Haddonfield Elementary School.

Jimmy and Jill meet up. They both can't find anybody. They agree to split up and try to find Laurie.

At the school...they find a picture of a family...with a real knife shoved into the sister. Also, on the chalk-board, SAMHAIN is written in blood.

Marion Chambers arrives, and has to speak with Dr. Loomis, "Privately."

After lighting a cigarette in the school's hall, Marion tells Loomis that the governer has ordered him back to Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium. The Mental Health Department's entire rehabilitation program is in jepordy because of Myers, and the governer is afraid Loomis will make matters worse. In case he refused, the governer also sent a marshall to make sure he complied.

Jill couldn't find ANYBODY, so she went to her car to go get help. Unfortunately, Michael not only skrewed up her engine, he also flattened all the tires.

On the way out of Haddonfield, Marion tells Loomis about a secret file nobody knew about. "That girl, that Strode girl, that's Michael Myers sister. She was born 2 years before he was committed, 2 years after his parents died and she was adopted by the Strodes. They requested that the records be sealed in order to protect the family!"

Loomis puts 2 and 2 together, and 'pursuades' the Marshall to head for the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Jimmy finds Nurse Alves dead, but then slips on her blood and is rendured unconscious.

Jill enters the hospital only to find Laurie. She calls out to Laurie, and as she turns around she sees Michael stab Jill into the back (possibly) killing her.

Laurie makes yet another run for it. She gets herself down to the basement, and escapes into an elevator, only inches away from Michael.

Laurie runs out of the hospital, and hides in a car. Jimmy enters the car, but has such a bad concussion, he passes out again. Laurie cannot start the car.

Loomis, Marion, and the marshall arrive at the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, but Laurie cannot draw their attention before they shut the doors.

She makes a break for the doors, and once again is inches away from being stabbed by her brother before Loomis lets her in.

After walking THROUGH the door, Loomis shoots Michael 5 times.

Loomis looks at Laurie, "I'm sorry I left you, are you alright?"

Laurie just stares at Michael, "Why won't he die?"

Loomis sends Marion outside to the marshall's car, to radio for help.

Michael kills the marshall, and now Laurie---and Loomis!---and on the run from the boogyman!

They finally stop in an operating room, where Laurie shoots Michael above his eyes. Rendured temporarily blind, Michael begins his blind approach at killing. Silently, the room fills with gas as Laurie and Loomis turn on valves.

Loomis then tells Laurie to get out!

And as Laurie leaves, Loomis speaks, "It's time Michael," as he lights Gary Hunt's lighter.

The room explodes.

Laurie sees the Shape walk out of the room, and collapse of the floor in a blaze.

Haddonfield, Illinois
November 1, 1978

Marion Chambers leads Laurie, in a wheel chair, to the County Ambulance where she requests to ride in front. Unnable to, Laurie sits in the blackness... pondering her life, death, and other things that go bump in the night.

The Night HE Came Home Isn't Over Yet!

With the popularity of Halloween 1...it's no wonder why a sequal couldn't follow...and what better way than to make it a continuation of the 1st!

John Carpenter was against the idea of a sequal, but he did it anyway, writing it and producing it along with Debra Hill. Rick Rosenthal directed.

Basically, this movie doesn't really need to establish plot, because the 1st one already did that...so they movie picks up very, very early on.

Loomis is great in this one...I don't think words can descibe his acting ability. I give him an A++ all the way!

Laurie, well, throughout most of the movie Laurie was mostly drugged up/sleeping in this one...even towards the end when the action picks up you can still tell Laurie isn't all there. But Jamie Lee does a great job! A++!

p.s. It was VERY nice of Bud and Jimmy to stop by the Haddonfield Hair Salon so Laurie could get a new do before she went to the hospital!

Marion Chambers. Hooray! A lot of people never connected her to the 1st movie, quite possibly because she was in the dark and had a very short part in 1. I think the cigarette and Loomis saying, "Oh I didn't recognise you." were supposed to jolt the audiences memories. But leave it to Nancy Stephans to take that small role she was given and turn it into a great addition! A+!

Leigh Brackett....maybe he should have learned of Annie's death a little later on in the movie, because his screen time was very short. But he pretty much acted the exact same way he did in 1. I give him a A-.

Jimmy Lloyd....to be quite honest, I thought the whirlwind romance was a little too hokey, but he did an admiral job anyway. B+.

Gary Hunt...bla...C. He was okay, just nothing to write home about IMHO.

Nurse Jill. I liked her. I think she could have survived. (watch her 'death', she really didn't get stabbed THAT BADLY...the scalpel only went in a little, and didn't move) I give Tawny Moyer a A-.

Nurse Karen. I love Pamela Susan Shoop! She was very cool! Shoop gets an A-.

Nurse Janet. Ditz. Why was she playing with the walkie-talkie??!!?!?!? C-.

Dr. Mixter. Well, we saw him once, and he was drunk. D+.

Nurse Alves. Hardass nurse from Hell obviously PMSing! A.

Bud. Funny guy. I give him a B+, cuz he made me laugh!

Annie....Nancy Loomis is such a great actress she can even play dead good! A+!!!

Alice. Good actress. Good part. A.

There is an alterate tv version to Halloween 2, which I have. In it...you see about 20 minutes of extra footage, including an alternate ending where Jimmy is in the ambulance with Laurie. She grasps his hand and says, "We made it!"

Overall, I give this movie an A+! The music, IMHO, was better than the 1st. It was more gothic-sounding. The scares were there also.

But why was the hospital so short-staffed? That's the scariest thing of all!