Dr. Loomis, there's something else you should know...

There are files on Michael Myers that nobody knew about.

They aren't hidden, or sealed. They're on the Internet!

Now after the governer heard what happened tonight, he authorized Dr. Rogers to surf the web!

It isn't fair, they should have allowed you to examine everything...

here are some great Halloween pages...and a few other non-Halloween sights which will expand your mind!

Now that you know...I need a cigarette!

TOP SECRET: Internet Files on Michael Myers

Donald Pleasence: The Man With The Hypnotic Eye : A good page dedicated to a great actor.....he will be missed.
The Jamie Lee Curtis Homepage: Jamie Lee is given a well-earned dedication in this page.
The Official Danielle Harris Homepage: Dedicated to the GREAT Actress who portrayed Laurie's daughter, Jamie Lloyd!
The Josh Hartnett Homepage: Dedicated to the actor who portrayed Laurie son, John Tate!
Nancy Loomis Homepage: Well, who else could sing, "Oh Paul, I give you all.....no keys, but pleeeeease my Paul, I can no longer stall...." and get away with it?
Danielle Harris Homepage: A non-official sight dedicated to Danielle Harris....a remarkable young actress!
LL Cool J:Ronnie from H20. Fans of LL will like this page.
The Dick Warlock Official Homepage:Michael Myers in Halloween 2 (duh). Seeing IS believing!
Chris Durand: Yeah, he wasn't a particularly good Shape...but he WAS one just the same. :|
The OFFICIAL John Carpenter Homepage:There was bound to be one some time or another.
John Carpenter Web Page: Learn about John, and check out the Halloween section!
Universal Studios:They distributed Halloween 2 and 3.
Dimension Films: They did Halloween 6 and 7....an interesting place to go.
Blue Oyster Cult:Don't be fearin the reaper when you check out the band that had a GREAT song in HalloweeN!!!!
Brother Cain:What "And Fools Shine On" has to do with Halloween is a good question. Maybe somebody can go to their homepage and find out and tell me. :)
Mr. Sandman:See and Hear the classic song by the Chordettes at this sight!
Purchase Chordettes:You can now buy the Chordettes cd, which (of course) has Mr. Sandman and other Rock and Roll favorites!
The Official H20 Webpage: A Dimension-pimped paged which in actuality is pretty cool to look at! Go see for yourself!
Official Halloween 6 Webpage Not as pimped by Dimension as H20, but it's still there! Scope it out!
The Official Halloween Homepage: Well, this sight basically takes the cake when it comes to Halloween. I really like it, as will you!
The Horror at Haddonfield: I love this sight!
The Unholy Palace of the GODS!: A perky, modern freak of the 90's Homepage. He's my brother, and I love him, but don't get on his bad side or you'll get a G.I. Joe stuck in your eye!
Alyssa Milano: Great page, run by a great guy...go to the links section for some kewl links!
HALLOWEEN FANFICTION!: Yep! A place where Halloween fans can put their creative juices to good use! A must for you fans out there...
Halloween Image Homepage: The guy who runs this page is nice, and he boasts some KICKASS pics! Also, I've used a few of him pix for my homepage. Thanx Jeff!
Halloween: HTS: The Future Of Halloween! A sorta-fanfiction sight that is great! A must if your into great stories!
The Shape's Shack: Run by a personal friend of mine, go here for some great stuff!
The HalloweeN Theatre: Awesome HalloweeN Message Board!
Bucky's Power Plant: Where would Haddonfield be without Bucky to give them energy? Dedicated to the Fabulous Bucky from Halloween 4
Laurie Strode's Place:Dedicated to the character Laurie!
Stop HalloweeN From Sucking Page: There's some funny stuff going on here!
Halloween: The Nights He Came Home: A baby HalloweeN Homepage right now....but add a little water, give it love, and watch it grow!!!!
HalloweeN On Strike!: Great Page! A Cult that worships the 1977 William Shatner aka Original Myers Mask! Go there!
A PJ Soles Fan Page:A Fan's page about PJ!
Sammy's Halloween Website: A pretty interesting page! Worth Looking at!
Halloween: A Time Of Evil:Not bad at all....unique way of looking at series.
Halloween: The Night He Came on the Internet:Check it out!
Hoviks Halloween Website:Very nicely done! :)

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