"When are they going to understand that she is not him, she's just a child?" ~Rachel Corruthers

Haddonfield, Illinois

October 31, 1988


Lucky for Rachel Corruthers she can drive stick-shift! After being attacked from Michael on top of the truck, Rachel thrashes Michael off in front of her.

"Die you sunovabitch!" Rachel screams as she plows into Michael, knocking him out.

The police arrive, and Rachel goes to talk to them.

Jamie Lloyd goes to Michael, and holds his hand. He tries to kill her, but she ducks down and the police open fire on Michael, knocking him into a well.

Ben Meeker throws dynamite down the shaft. Rachel covers her ears as the well explodes...

...but Michael had just enough time to crawl out an opening which led to the Lost River. He sweeps down the river, and arrives at an old hermit's house.

The hermit, who has an annoying parrot named Snooky, finds Michael, who passes out. The hermit, who has never heard of Michael, decides to take care of him; mending his wounds, and feeding him...

Haddonffield, Illinois

October 30, 1989

Jamie Lloyd has not been up to par since her uncle tried to kill her. First, she attacked her foster-mother with a pair of sissors. Then, she began to break down physically, including unexplained vocal loss.

Jamie is now living at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic, and she's having a nightmare about stabbing Darlene Corruthers.

Nurse Palsey arrives to comfort Jamie, but she begins having visions of Michael, it appears her telepathic bond with her uncle has increased over the year. She sees Michael revive and kill the hermit. (Unfortunately, her vision dissapates before she can witness the death of Snooky, the annoying as hell parrot).

Jamie goes into convulsions, and is prepped for emergency surgary. However, Dr. Loomis arrives and stops it, saying the seizure will stop.

It does.

Loomis looks at her, "She has something to tell us."

Haddonfield, Illinois

October 31, 1989


At the Haddonfield Children's Clinic, Jamie awakens to see Rachel Corruthers sleeping at her side. Rach wakes up, and the two share a tender moment before the wonderful Tina Williams pops up, bringing Max into the Children's hospital (hey, I'm trying not to bash Tina here, but she's such a sucker for it!)

Rachel gives Jamie a present: A princess costume for the Clinic's Halloween pageant. Rach also tells Jamie that her foster-parents send their love.

Suddenly, a rock smashes through the window. Dr. Loomis picks it up and reads the note attached to it: THE EVIL CHILD MUST DIE!

Rachel, bothered by this, confesses to Dr. Loomis that she feels guilty about leaving Jamie on Halloween to go with her parents to the cabin.

Loomis trys to ease Rach's problems and tells her to go to the cabin. He knows that if anything does happen Rachel will be safer there.

Rachel goes home and showers.

Michael enters the Corruthers house.

Jamie begins having visions of what is to come, and has Dr. Loomis call Rach and tell her to get out.

Rachel does, but the incompetant Haddonfield police officers reports the house is clean.

After saying good-bye to Jamie on the phone, Rachel goes into Jamie's room after hearing a noise. She finds Jamie's picture smashed. She turns around...

...and Michael plunges a pair of sissors into Rachel's heart!

Meanwhile, Loomis tries to convince Ben Meeker that Michael may have returned. He says that if Michael has, a lot of innocent people, like Kelly Meeker, will die.

Tina arrives at the Corruthers house, and assumes Rach went to the cabin with her folks. Samantha, a friend, arrives and the two talk about how Halloween should be banned in Haddonfield on the way to see Jamie.

Michael follows them, seeing them both as a threat. (Why, I'm not sure)

MEANWHILE, a mysterious man in black arrives into Haddonfield on a bus outside Vincent's Drugs. He begins to roam Haddonfield, following Loomis to the Myers house.

Michael kills Tina's boyfriend named Mikey and steals his car.

Loomis tries to convince Jamie to help him find Michael, but she's too scared to help.

Later that night, the Tower Farm is hosting it's annual teenage party.

Michael arrives in Mikey's car to get Tina, but through luck she manages to elude him, thanks to Jamie's visions.

Jamie (who has recovered her voice) tries to beg Tina to stay with her, but Tina feels the need to party.

Tina goes to the Tower Farm, and Michael follows.

Michael kills Samantha and her boyfriend Spitz.

Jamie escapes the Haddonfield Children's Clinic, and goes to the farm with her kinda-boyfriend, Billy Hill.

Michael almost kills Tina, but Jamie prevents it. Michael then chases Jamie in his car, but crashes into a tree. He escapes and almost reaches Jamie, but Tina throws herself in front. He stabs her in the heart.

Jamie and Billy make it to safety, and Jamie agrees to finally help Loomis.

At the Myers house, a SWAT team wait in the bushes as Jamie sits in Judith's room, brushing her hair.

Michael makes a decoy appearence at the Haddonfield Children's Clinic, and the SWAT team, including Meeker, leave the house. Loomis knew that Michael would arrive soon.

He does, and kills the remaining cop and temporarily disposes of Loomis.

He then chases Jamie around the house untill Jamie finds herself in the attic. She finds Max, Mikey, and Rachel dead. Jamie screams in horror at the sight of Rachel, and Michael soon arrives.

Jamie momentarily stops Michael's mayhem, and he even takes off his mask for her. But soon he is chasing her again, and Loomis uses a boobytrap to hold Michael under a weighted net. He then shoots tranqulized darts into Michael, and beats him with a board.

Then Loomis has a stroke, and falls onto Michael.

Later, at the Haddonfield Police Station, Meeker reports that Michael, who has been arrested (!!!), will be transferred to a maximum security facility untill the day he dies.

Jamie looks at her uncle sadly, "He'll never die."

The man in black puts out his cigarette as he enters the Haddonfield Police Station.

A cop takes Jamie out to the car, and the two hear an explosion.

The cop runs into the station, and Jamie follows shortly after. She sees many dead bodies, and finally sees Michael's cell...which is empty!

Jamie cries out, "No...!"

Michael Lives! And this time they're ready.

The makers of Halloween 5 have 2 routes they could follow...

1. Make Jamie Lloyd the new Shape.

2. Have Michael return and chase Jamie again.

I suspose it would have been much, much bolder to follow #1, but they decided to take it safe and stick with the formula.

But basically, the formula had been used 3 times already! So, the powers-that-be decided it was time to develop the plot by inventing some new avenues.

The first was Jamie's telepathic link with Michael. A lot of fans were shocked by this, but not me. You can see the link, albeit weaker, in Halloween 4. (Jamie has a nightmare of Michael with his mask on before he even arrived, Jamie saw the ambulance, Jamie saw Michael at age 6 in the mirror, Jamie stabs Darlene Corruthers)

I don't know...there have been many documented cases of psychic bonding between family members in the annals of history, many of which are documented firmly this century. I guess it's possible that since Michael's evil is so powerful, Jamie could be suseptable to feeling it (possibly hearing the voices Michael hears?)

The second was the introduction of the man in black. What a great character! It saddens me that we discover it's Wynn in part 6, but in part 5 he really is a mysterious character! And it made countless debates as to whom it was (many thought it was Laurie!)

Now, Halloween 5 is a weak movie, but it does have it's fair-share of scary moments.

Basically, the movie went to hell after Rachel died...most likely due to the flop Tina taking over.

Here are a few rants I must express... 1. Rachel Corruthers dies in the most vain way possible.

2. Tina. (see the Tina page for details)

3. Jamie Lloyd. She acted very mature in 4, so naturally a year later she progressed into this whiny little brat in 5. I mean, Dr. Loomis saved her mother, as well as her, so I can see where Jamie gets off being deathy afraid of him.....riiiiight!

4. What was with all the fake scares?

5. Dr. Loomis - I know Donald Pleasance didn't want to play him this way, he said so in Fangoria, but alas, Dr. Loomis was a raving madman in H5. He wasn't just mad, he was a lunatic! Why the hell did he keep calling Jamie "The little girl?" NOTE--I am NOT bashing Loomis...I am just mad at the writer.

6. The Haddonfield Teens. Annie? Lynda? Where are you? Well, I guess their mirror images are in this one. If you look, you can see that Rachel is a version of Laurie, Tina (puke) is a version of Annie, and Samantha is a version of Lynda. Really. Samantha and Lynda both have sex, and die right after, and Annie/Tina both have boyfriends, but never get to do them before dying. Go figure. But I should add that the acting by these 2 and by Mikey and Spitz were Friday the 13th quality. I know teens can be stupid (I am one) but this is ridiculous!

7. The clown cops. Uh huh...I don't like all the cops in my town, but try my damnest, I never hear clown noises when they walk. And what incompetance! If they would have actually searched the Corruthers house (Instead of going down on eachother in the bathroom-my personal theory), Rachel would still be alive. But as Halloween teaches us, you can't run from fate.

8. That damn annoying nurse Palsey! I'll bet she's Tina's real mother, listening to her annoying voice makes me want to barf, and seeing her actually does.

9. What was the casting department on? Crack? Acid?

10. The horrid 80's music. Okay, I guess it wasn't their fault. It WAS the 80's. But did we have to see Rachel running around the house listening to that garbage? In the soundtrack, I learn it's called Romeo, Romeo by Becca. *shudder* Why not Girls Just Wanna Have Fun? Or something by Debbie Gibson or Tiffany? Or the B52's???!!?!!?

11. Did the Myers' have 2 houses?

Now, for the more serious stuff...

Dr. Loomis...like I said, he had to deal with a bad script, but he did an admirable job. I know he fighted with the director over the way they were taking Loomis. But I guess the makers felt Donald had no idea what he was talking about, since he only played him 3 other times. I give Donald an A...he would get ++ if he tried a little harder to keep Loomis straight.

Rachel Corruthers...Hey, what can I say? Ellie Cornell has more acting ability in one finger than the entirety of Tina, Samantha, Spitz, and Mikey. Her death shocked a lot of fans, too bad she couldn't have died saving Jamie. But while she was there, she proved she could do a lot with little screen time. At least she got to change her death scene. Stabbing Rachel down her throat? Never! Ellie, you get an A++....come back to the biz!

Jamie LLoyd...again, like Loomis, the writers chose to degrade her to the steryotypical whiny kid. I think Danielle Harris does a good job with what she was given, but maybe she could have toned down her...annoyingness a little! I give her an A-.

Ben Meeker...he wasn't in this one much. But you can tell Beau knew where to go with him. The death of Kelly has hardened him a lot, and he's bitter. I give him an B+.

Tina...hahaha...E. (my first E ever!)

Samantha...If ONLY she would have went to some sort of acting class! She really didn't do all that badly, I'll give her an C.

Spitz...Again, the victim of bad writing. He gets a C+...possibly a B-.

Mikey...I kept thinking the Fonz would say, "eeeyy, sit on it!" D.

Clown Cops...To be honest, I don;t know if it was a case of bad writing or bad acting! Just to be sure...E.

Nurse Palsey...E. Go back to Mexico!

Michael...Donald Shanks is equally sucky along with Chris Durand. E.

Overall, I can say that this movie isn't all that bad, it was just a victim of bad descisions. The photography was very, very good. Not to mention the locations (xcept the Myers house) were beautifully shot.

Overall, I give this movie a C+.


Audiences would have to wait 6 years to find out what happens next!