Halloween: H20

Langdon, Illinois

October 29, 1998

HE's back...but so it SHE

It's that time of year again! And all the residents of Langon are in an uproar over the arrival of Halloween! (Has Halloween been banned Haddonfield again?)

Stepping from her car, Marion Chambers-Wittington lights her cigarette as she walks up to her house...only to see the light is broken and the front door is open. After taking a glance inside, Marion hauls-ass to the Howell residence next-door. She finds Jimmy, the teenage punk-son and his friend Tony.

After Jimmy calls the police, he decides to check out Marion's house. He does, and after stealing some booze he tells Marion the place is more/less okay except, "they did a real number on your office."

After giving up on the cops, Marion enters her house and searches the place. She searches the office, and finds Laurie Strode's file, which is empty. She then comes to the conclusion that someone IS still lurking around. She runs to the Howell's, and finds both Jimmy and Tony dead.

Marion then finds none other than Michael Myers!

Marion puts up a helluva fight, and after seeing the cops, she breaks a window and hollors out to them, "Over here, goddamn it!"...

...but it's too late! Michael slashes Marion's throat, and she dies.

A minute later, the cops find her, while Michael drives away.

Langdon, Illinois

October 30, 1998

Two cops search Marion's house, and come to the conclusion that they have no idea who did this, even after seeing tons of clippings about Michael Myers from 1978, 1988, and 1989 on the wall.

Summer Glen, California

October 31, 1998


Keri Tate is having a nightmare. She dreams of Michael Myers breaking through the closet when she was 17. She then sees LAURIE STRODE written on the chalkboard. Yes, it's Laurie Strode, now 37. She's a higher-up at a posh private school, and also a functioning alcoholic (she uses spirits to chase away the demons).

Laurie wakes up screaming in bed. Her second child John (who wasn't left behind like Jamie), helps her calm down.

In the kitchen, John tells Laurie he wants to go on a school camping trip, which Laurie denies him access to. He gets pissed, because he knows his mother is acting out of fear, and using him as a shield.

That day in school, John, his girlfriend Molly Cartwell, and his friends Charlie and Sarah, decide to all stay behind and have their own private Halloween party.

MEANWHILE, the Howellmobile has blown a tire, so Michael stole a mother's anchient automobile while she and her daughter were in the bathroom.

During the lunch period, John and Charlie pursuade Ronnie, the security guard, to let them out of the school so they can prepair for the party.

What they didn't know, however, was that Laurie and her boyfriend, counselor Will Brennem, were having lunch nearby. (Laurie used Will's bathroom break to down a chardinea, then quickly order another one)

After shoplifting some booze, Laurie finds them. She naturally bitches John out, but he fights back...telling her that her brother is either dead or very far away.

After sixth hour, Laurie (in a brash act of kindness) lets John go camping, but he has his own agenda....that night, they all sneak into the school and begin partying. Little do they all know Michael is nearby.

Meanwhile, Laurie lays out her true-identity to Will, along with the Halloween story which has shattered her life.

Michael begins offing the remaining teens.

First theirs Charlie, who was looking for a corkskrew and came face-to-face with Michael.

Then there is Sarah, Charlie's girlfriend, who finds her dead beau, then gets stabbed repeatedly by Michael only to be gutted and hung from a hanging light...turning her into a human Jack-O-Lantern.

John and Molly find Sarah dead, and flee from Michael just in the nic of time. They escape the school, but his uncle follows. Molly hits him with a rock (whatever), then John beats the shit out of him (huh??!?!?)

Meanwhile, Laurie finds out John is not gone.

Meanwhile (I say that a lot!), John and Molly are JUST ABOUT TO GET IT when Laurie lets them back into the school.....and comes face-to-face with her brother.

Laurie then locks the kids up in the closet, and sets out to find Michael. They see a shadowt figure in the distance, and Will opens fire. But it turns out to be Ronnie! (Don't start crying yet)

Michael then kills Will, and Laurie quickly gets John and Molly, and they escape to the gate. Laurie tells Molly to drive and get help, and then goes on a personal ONE-WOMAN-CRUSAID to stop Michael.

After chasing eachother around for awhile, Laurie stabs Michael several times, then pushes him off a balcony.

Laurie wanted to stab him again, but Ronnie (Surprise!!!!---yeah I know, how corny can you get?) stops her.

The police come, and after Myers is locked into the coroner's van, Laurie turns into Rambo and steals it (!!!). When Michael frees himself from the body bad, Laurie sends him hurdling out the front wind-shield. When he stands (did he steal some of Laurie's booze before this?), Laurie plows into him, sending them all off a cliff, making Michael get trapped between a tree and the van.

Laurie and Michael then share a tender moment, before she chops his head off! She then breathes as everything goes black.

THE END?????

(In the original cut, it was not michael at the end. It was a harmless paramedic who Michael switched clothes with. And when you see Michael at the end, you can tell it aint him-----Halloween 8, are you out there? *I should add this is based largely on rumor.*)











This summer, terror won't be taking a vacation (Halloween is in Fall)

Well, here we are again. H20 celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Halloween. (It's also Halloween 4's 10 Anniversary as well.)

What happened to Jamie Lloyd while at the sanitarium? Was Stephen really Michael's or Dr. Wynn's? What happened to Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Stephen after they fled the hospital? And whatever became of Dr. Sam Loomis?

Well, the answers to these questions and others WILL NOT BE ANSWERED in Halloween: H20 - 20 Years Later.

Now, first of all this movie claims that they ignore parts 4-6, which is totally below the belt. It's called ignorance, but hark! Is that references to parts 4-6 that I see in the movie? Why, it is!

In the opening credits, you can see the name Jamie Lloyd. Also, there is a picture of sissors (which either were used on Darlene Corruthers or Rachel Corruthers), and I believe there is one other reference as well, I think a murder victim from part 5. Oh, and by the way, I guess Donald Pleasence wasn't good enough to be in this movie (besides the fact that he is dead) so they put this Tom Kane guy in the movie, having him do the voice-over at the beginning, muttering Dr. Loomis' classic monolog about Michael. I caught this right away.

Now, the opening scene of this movie was probably my favorite part, it definately made the movie start out with Halloween style! I mean, we have... 1. MARION CHAMBERS-WITTINGTON (I guess she got married) in the very first scene! Naturally, she's smoking away (since she's a chain-smoke-a-holic). And the whole conversation between her and Tony about second-hand smoking really hit home with me. Nancy Stephans is great!

2. The Chordettes chirping away to Mr. Sandman while we see a pumpkin getting carved was also great. And the way the music suddenly stopped right when Marion noticed something was wrong sent shivers up my spine!

3. People in the audience was saying, "Don't go in there!" when Marion peeped into her house, which was real dark. I was so excited!

Also, Jimmy and Tony were probably my favorite teens in this movie (besides John). I mean, Jimmy was a steriotypical grungie-druggy teen of the 90's who probably rollarbladed or skateboarded.

Now, right after Marion's demise, the movie kinda goes to hell. Don't get me wrong, I think the acting is great in this movie. Let's review the characters...

Laurie Strode/Keri Tate--Well, Jamie Lee Curtis does an adequate job portraying the famous sister of Michael. I mean, it's totally logical to that, yes, Laurie did survive, but in a lot of ways she died in 1978. Her spirit died. And all of her scenes with John were great. I especially liked the scene where she gave him the permission slip. But, on a more general basis, the Laurie Strode "spark" that we saw in parts 1 and 2 was gone. I mean, that special way Laurie walked, that special way she smiled, that special way she twirled those few strands of hair (well, I guess we'll HAVE to cut her some slack on the hair part). I give her an A-.

John Tate--One of the movie's strongest points. He is a brilliant actor who turned a two-dimensional role into something unique! Even though he had to deal with the aweful Michelle Williams, who needs to tone down her...boringness. I really hope we see him in Halloween 8, kicking major Myers ass for killing his sister Jamie! I give him an A++!

Marion Chambers-Wittington--I think Nancy Stephans is a remarkable actress, and it's too bad her talents were put to waste so early on in the movie. But she takes it all in a grain of sand (or just a puff of her cigarette). I give her an A++. *note* Marion worked for the Illinois Mental Health Department.....how did she turn into Dr. Loomis' nursemaid?

Molly Cartwell--Blah. Even Tina was more livelier than her. She really didn't have much to contribute to the movie untill the end, when the Myers chase began and she helped save John's life by throwing a rock (ha ha ha) at Michael. She wasn't all THAT bad, but she wasn't keeping me awake. I give Michelle Williams a C-.

Charlie--Now, he was funny. I mean, I wish he could have switched roles with Molly, so John's girlfriend dies, and his best friend lives. Charlie was funny, witty, and interesting! He gets a A- (close to a B+).

Sarah--Jodi Lynn O'keef is a good actress, it's unfortunate she had to get such an utterly awekward character like Sarah! I mean, Sarah was pretty, and generally a nice girl, but what was with her? Like, first of all this whole eating-obsession was about dumb. Then they give her one of the dumbest deaths in the world (which reminded me of how Casey Becker died). Since the actress is so abstract in this movie, I give her an B-...which is being very generous.

Ronnie---LL Cool J proves he can act....but god, why did he have to survive? His death would have been 10X more dramatic had he actually stayed dead...and does he mourn the dead? No...he's on the phone with his dumbass wife talking about...of all things....erotic thriller novels! I give him an A-, because it wasn't his fault he survived.

Will Brennem--You know, I thought he was going to be so boring, but I was wrong! Adam Arkin played a great love interest to Laurie! And he was funny, especially sneaking up on Keri. I give him an A.

Norma--Sweet Janet Leigh hops about the Halloween express.....even though it seems she had no purpose in the movie other than take cheap gimick shots at make Psycho references. And why did she repeat Leigh Brackett's classic line about everyone deserving one good scare? I did think she was good in the movie however. And her line, "The trick is....to concentrate on today!" Made me laugh so hard! I give her an B+. Maybe she was too maternal.

Mother/Daughter--I liked this part of the movie. The mom was very believable....the kid, well, she was humming to the tune of "Six more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!!" I give them both a solid A....but lady! Get a car made this century! Are you Amish?

Jimmy--Liked him a lot. The hocky stick was great. Stealing Marion's alcohol kinda hit home with me....my cousin got caught doing that the other day. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a great actor. A.

Tony--Along for the ride. Contributed nothing. (Except that wonderful line to Marion about second hand smoking). He gets a C-.

Michael--Ugh! In Fangoria, Chris Durand said he has never saw a Halloween movie because he didn't want to have to compare himself with the other shapes, so he wouldn't have to second-guess himself. At least George Wilbur had more common sense! Let's see... 1. Michael was waaay too lanky. 2. Michael's burns majically disapeered. 3. Michael can withstand rounds of gunfire, yet when Molly threw the rock at him, he was fazed? 4. Michael was beat up by JOHN? Hello...remember Brady from H4? 5. Michael acts retarded when he sits up on the road. 6. Michael....reached out for Laurie....for forgiveness? Say it aint so! 7. Michael mask...not even gonna go there. 8. It must have been a double, because Michael best not have been beheaded!

Overall, this movie was hyped up to be the ULTAMATE sequal to Halloween 1 and 2. It was a semi-good sequal, but not nearly the best.

First of all, it was way too short! The camera shots were too fast and jerky! The music was stolen from Scream, and no stalking music or Laurie's Theme!

There were many plot ideas "borrowed" from the Scream movies, and even a few from the Friday the 13th... but I won't get into those.

But I will mention the scenes taken from other Halloweens...

~1. Norma and Brackett's, "It's Halloween. I guess everyone's entitled to one good scare."

~2. Molly and Laurie both sit in class, and look out and see the shape looking at them, all while the teacher is talking about fate.

~3. Laurie/Keri and Rachel both get Michael flung in front of a huge automobile, wait for him to get up, then ram it into him with full throttle.

~4. I knew this would happen, Laurie gets cut TWICE in the same place on her arm.

~5. Will and Nurse Jill are both stabbed in the back, then lifted up with one arm.

The new order of the movies go in this order... 2, 4, 6, 1, 7, 5 (with one and six being very close!)

There is a sort of P-cut to this movie, which would have revealed that at the end Michael did not die...it was an imposter behind the mask....this could lead into H8!!!

Overall, I give this movie a..........um......C+ (good effort)

Oh yes, a special thank you goes out to Jamie Lee Curtis, who really tried hard to make this movie perfect...it was a galant effort.