The version of Halloween II many people saw in the theaters or rented on video was NOT the version many saw on tv one fatefull Halloween night.

This version was incredibly different, and only a handfull of lucky Halloween fans taped it (Thank god for vcr's!).

Since then, those copies turned into more copies as they traveled the globe as more and more Halloween fans heard about it and needed a copy of their own!

I myself own such a copy, and I'll admit it's a strange take of Halloween II.

This page will intricately show you just why that is (in case you don't own a copy yourself).



1. The opening credits start FIRST, before the OCTOBER 31, 1978 thing and then the Doyle house. It's hear the Halloween theme then it slowly blends into Mr. Sandman.

2. The scene with Laurie, Michael, and Loomis is different from parts 1 and 2! Loomis DOES shoot Michael SIX times (not seven), and when he takes the first shot Laurie screams loudly (not in the real version)

3. "You don't know what Death is!" is CUT from the movie!

4. Right after that, we cut RIGHT TO the ambulance taking Laurie to the hospital. (Her being carried out of the Wallace house and placed into the ambulance was obliterated)

5. You see more of the initial operation AFTER they drug Laurie. You see through her viewpoint, which is blurred due to the drugs. Jimmy and Bud watch as they begin removing her blouse, at which time Nurse Alves says icily "You two...OUT!" and slams the curtain!

6. We then cut to Loomis and Brackett talking in the car (just like in the movie). Ben Tramer is killed. Then we learn that Annie died.....but that scene where he learns of her fate is very different. Hunt screams it at him! "LEIGH ONE OF EM WAS ANNIE!!!!"

7. THEN we cut to Michael's viewpoint (with the end of the opening credits still playing...choppy music) and he goes to The Elrods.

8. The elrod scene is VERY STRANGE!!! Mrs. Elrod is going about her business like in the real version, what with mayonase and mustard on the sandwhich. She glances at the news bulliton as Michael enters (but we don't see him pick the knife up). Mrs. Elrod backs up, looking like she's reaching for the knife (in the real version). We then see this HOKEY green-looking picture of Michael. Then we see Mrs. Elrod looking at her hand (with blood on it), screaming!

I don't get it! It's choppy, it's badly cut, and we have no idea if they were trying to tell us Mrs. Elrod was hurt or not.

8. Alice (Elrod's nextdoor neighbor) goes out to see if everything's alright, but goes back in. When Michael hears her say "He probably got angry and decided to start beating her....well big deal!" he walks away, not concerned. Alice lives!!!!

9. We then cut to Janet and Jimmy talking in the hallways (not in the real cut). Janet informs Jimmy that Laurie'd cracked a bone. When he asked if she was still awake, Janet said Dr. Mixter gave her double-bullets "If she can keep her eyes open she's made out of steel!" She also tells Jimmy that the cut in her sholder will leave a scar.

10. We then see Dr. Mixter, drunk, telling Mrs. Alves "I think all things went rather well---considering" He then goes on to say he hopes there wont be much of a scar....but the main thing for the evening is to keep her quiet and keep checking on her.

Jill enters and says, "Did you hear? Three people!!!" Ms. Alves asks Jill where Janet is, and she replies "in the lunchroom, on a break!"

Mrs. Alves says, "Go get her! She forgot to call Laurie's parents!" Dr. Mixter then claims they were at the same party he was.

11. Then the movie goes along....Jimmy offers to get Laurie a coke later, Brackett sees Annie's dead body, Loomis makes his obligatory "evil" speech, Karen and Darcy debate driving her home, Michael learns where Laurie is, the mom consoles the boy that had that knife shoved in his throat....

12. We then see a scene between Jill, Bud, and Mr. Garrett. Jill takes some Bianca and sprays it into her mouth EIGHT times!!!!

Jill: Do you believe it?

Bud: No.

Garrett: Their not talking about the drugs involved. Lots and lots of drugs involved.

(Jill looks at watch, smiles, and leaves)

Bud: Drugs. That's what's killing society!

13. Karen arrives at HMH, Mr. Garrett lets her in, she thanks him.....then...

Karen: Thanks, Mr. Garrett!

Garrett: Did you hear the news?

Karen: Oh yeah, I did. It's all over the radio.

Garrett: It was drugs. Teenage punks on drugs.

Karen (giggles): I'll see ya later.

14. Bud sings: "Amazing grace, come show me your face. Don't make me cry, I tell no lie."

15. Jimmy then goes up to Karen (who is fully dressed in nurse uniform) he's going to go check out the Ben Tramer car crash (thinking it's Michael). She smiles and nods while Michael looks on from a distance.

16. We then cut to a scene with Alves and Janet. Alves is on the phone....

Alves: I'm trying to reach Mr. OR Mrs. Morgan Strode. They've left?!? Could you give me another number? allright, thank you. (hangs up phone) You should have called them right away, now I cant find them.

Janet: I didn't know.

Alves: RIGHT away.

Janet: I'm sorry, Mrs. Alves.

(Alves GLARES at Janet before picking up phone and dailing number. Jimmy sneaks up behind Alves and mouths 'I'll be with Laurie...cover for me!')

(Alves looks at Jimmy)

Alves: I heard that....two minutes and that's it!

(she then glares back at Janet while waiting on phone)

17. We then see Karen walking down hallway (putting hat on like in real version) then she flinches with Alves.

18. Then we cut to Laurie laying down....and Jimmy actually GIVES her that Coke. Laurie takes a drink of it and says solemnly...

Laurie: I cant believe it Jimmy...I cant believe it!

Jimmy: Yeah.....god, they should have handled him more carefully.

Laurie: Who?

Jimmy: Michael Myers....

(the rest of the scene plays as follows)

19. Mr. Garrett's death is done very different through the music! We still get the boring buildup, but we actually see Michael enter the basement.

20. We then see Jill laughing on the phone filing her nails while Janet sits on a chair. Jimmy walks down the hall, wanting to see Laurie again.

Jill: Hey Jimmy don't! Your gonna get us in trouble!

Jimmy: It's allright, she's busy!

(Jimmy enters Laurie's room happily and wakes up Laurie)

Jimmy: Laurie, it's okay! They got Michael Myers....he's dead! You don't have anything to worry about!

Laurie: He's not dead.

Jimmy: Yeah he is, I just talked to a reporter. He was in some kind of accident.

Laurie: Jimmy, he's not dead. I gotta get out of here!

(Laurie begins struggling with Jimmy in the bed, becoming hysteric)

Laurie: Let me get outta here!!!!


(they enter)

Jimmy (To Janet): Go get Mixter fast!

Laurie: He's not dead!

Jill: I'll go get Mrs. Alves!

Jimmy (to Laurie): Stop it!

(Alves and Mixter arrives and Jimmy and Janet hold her down. Jill leaves to get a sedative.)

Laurie: He wont die!

(Just as Mixter is about to inject Laurie with the syringe, the lights go out. Mixter, Alves, Jimmy, Jill, Janet, and Laurie all freeze and look around. In another section of the hospital, Karen looks around the newly-darkened hallway strangely. Bud, who was smoking pot and reading a paper in the breakroom, also looks around his darkened surroundings with curiosity.)

(Then the emergency generators kick in, and partial lights go on....but it's still dark)

Alves: I'll have to tell Mr. Garrett about this.

Jill: Or Bud.

21. We then see the dentist scene, and after it's over we see Loomis and Hunt leave. They have a conversation waiting for the elevator at the morgue.

Hunt: I knew Annie Brackett. The others kids too. Now maybe there's another boy dead on that slab because of him. So don't thank me doctor, just try to help me stop him.

Loomis: Allright. If he was wounded, he might try to get home.

22. We then see the Myers house scene with the mob.

23. We then get a scene between Karen and Janet alone in the hallway...

Janet: Have you seen Mr. Garrett?

Karen: No I haven't. Why don't you call him?

Janet: The phones are still out of order. He's supposed to be fixing them. I don't know what's taking him so long. What a night, huh?

Karen: What happoned to the lights?

Janet: I don't know. But you want to hear something really creepy?

Karen: What?

Janet: Somebody broke into the storeroom. Mr. Garret sais some stuff was taken.

Karen: He probably took it himself.

Janet: I don't think it's funny. It's just real creepy!

Karen: Why? What was missing?

Janet: Hypodermic needles!

Karen (laughs nervously): Oh, that must have been Bud!

Janet: That's not very funny, either!

Karen: Hey, take it easy Jan!

Janet: Yeah, well Mrs. Alves sent me to talk to Mr. Garrett and I cant find him. Has he come by here recently?

Karen: No. This place is deader'n an Iowa State picnic.

Janet: Yeah, and I cant find Mrs. Alves either! It's creepy, I tell you!

Karen: Take a valium, Janet! Your getting all worked up over nothing.

Janet: Easy for you to say! You didn't hear Laurie Strode screaming about how Michael Myers is still out there, and how he's coming to get her!

Karen: I thought he was dead.

Janet: He is...she just flipped out. I'm telling's pretty creepy. I gotta go.

Karen: See ya later.

(it then cuts to Karen watching her go as the alrm goes off. Karen jumps, goes into the room where Bud remember this all)

24. Nurse Karen and Bud die, then we see Loomis at the school, Marion Chambers arrives and tells him he's orders to leave, then Hunt tells Loomis "We'll find him.", then we get the scene in the back of the Marshall's car where Marion informs Loomis about Laurie's true identity.

25. Jimmy finds Laurie in catatonic state. LAURIE'S THEME begins playing as he calls Jill into the room. She checks out Laurie's eyes. Jimmy looks for Mixter...

Jimmy: Oh wow, I don't believe this. Where the hell is he?

Jill: Come on, he'll be here.

(She checks out Laurie's eyes again)

Jill: It looks like an anesthesiac reaction. She's going to need adrenaline.

(She takes Laurie's pulse)

Jimmy: Goddamn it Mixter! What's taking him so long?

Jill: He'll be here. She'll be okay.

Jimmy: I'm going to find Mrs. Alves.

(he takes off and tries to find her)

(Jill leaves Laurie alone and she has a dream of her as a child meeting Michael in the ward. Young Michael turns around to her as she speaks.)

Young Laurie: Michael, please don't be angry with me. I'm yer sister. Please don't be angry with me. Please don't hurt me, Michael. Please don't hurt me.

(Laurie then wakes up. The "Why wont you tell me anything" "I told you, I'm not your mother" was cut out)

26. Michael then enters Laurie's room and stabs the bed. He leaves and Jill returns and finds Laurie gone....LAURIE'S THEME eerily plays again....Laurie enters the room, picks up the phone, and speaks drearily into it, "Momma...he wont die, momma! He wont go away momma!"

27. The scene where Jill is about to enter that room and Jimmy surprises her is slightly different:

Jimmy: Look, I cant find anybody. Bud's gone. Mrs. Alves, is gone.

Jill: So is Mr. Garrett.

Jimmy: What the hell's going on here?

Jill (quickly): I don't know.

Jimmy: We've got to find Laurie.

Jill: We've got to find somebody! Do you think...someone mighta gotten in?

Jimmy: Who?

Jill: I dunno! Somebody?

28. Jimmy then spends the rest of the entire movie looking around the hospital randomly for Mrs. Alves.

Michael kills Jill, Laurie runs away, gets out of the hospital, Loomis arrives, they meet up, Marion leaves..

Michael stands and stabs the Marshall in the back....not slit his throat.

Loomis and Laurie run, the whole operation room gas thing.

Loomis lights the match....Laurie, running, flies forward from the explosion.

Jimmy hears the explosion and gets ready to run to the door. He slips and falls, knocking himself unconscious (were NOT supposed to notice the blood on the floor---I wonder where THAT came from, hmmmmmm?)

29. Marion leads Laurie out to the ambulance, where she enters the back.

Laurie stares at nothing as a white sheet rises. Laurie gasps in horror, but is relieved to see it's Jimmy. She cries.

Jimmy: What's the matter?

Laurie (almost smiling through her tears): We've made it!

(Jimmy smiles. They grab hands.)

Laurie: We've made it!

(The ambuance starts and takes off and we fade to black as MR. SANDMAN begins playing.)

As you can see, it's quite different. (my fingers are aching!!!!!!)