Police in Haddonfield had just made the grizzly discovery of another Halloween Homepage found on the net.

It is run by the infamous J. Smith!

We now take you live to the news and updates section of this page.

This is Robert Mundy, reporting to you live...

Wuz Up In Haddonfield?
JULY 31, 2002, Who's in the house? You all are, because your all phat for visiting me! New visitors...welcome! Old friends returning for more...welcome back! :)

Well, the Halloween Fanatics of America is currently in a state of chaos...either you absolutely LOVE and ADORE the new movie, or you HATE and DESPISE it. We all know where I stand...check out my review for Halloween: Resurrection.

I'm still not sure how much this new movie will "infultrate" my webpage, because I really didn't like it at all. I will definately be making a Hate page for that Blonde Tina 2 character named Jenna. Actually, I could make a Hate page for almost all of the characters...especially for Rudy, Sara, and Freddie. *sigh* But enough of the depression...

JH's Kozy Korner is still happening...there has been an unexpected delay on my part...but JH, ever the trooper, is still granting my page the wealth of his all simply must check out his first artical...coming soon!

My sources in LA have informed me that Akkad is currently fishing around for the next Halloween script. May whatever God you believe in, work his/her/it's way into making him accept a GOOD script for once. :) Sufficely to say, as soon as I learn any information about the next one, I'll have it posted here faster than you could drive Miss Daisy off a cliff.

And I wanted to see...

Resurrection set me free...

But I saw that notion falling and...

I wanted it to be...

all I'd need...

Somehow the series is gone.

SEPTEMBER 19, 2001, Hey there, groovy dudes and dudettes, welcome back to the "most updated" part of my page, namely the news section! :) Yes, I have a few things coming up. Within the next few days, you can expect an ALL-NEW SECTION to appear, tentively titled JH's Kozy Korner. (Cute, huh?) More on this ground-breaking new project as soon as it materializes!

Well, I was looking over my reviews for the Halloween movies...and I was shocked!!! I will definately be revamping those reviews, as they reflect a Rach' from WAAAY back in the day. Dare I say I gave Jamie Lee Curtis CREDIT for doing a good job? Was I high or something? *cold shudder* Look for all new, all-Rach reviews for Halloween 1-H20, coming soon!

In the Halloween movie front, BIG SURPRISE...*cough*...Halloween: Homecoming has been delayed for an Easter release. What the fuck? I don't even KNOW what to say about that. I will apologize for my comments about H20 coming out in August, because February is an AWEFUL time to go see a Halloween movie. Or worse (or better?) yet, they may end up just post-poning the movie for October, 2002. Hell, why not just do us all a favor and scrap the whole damn movie if it's that shitty. Chances are we wont want to see it anyways if you guys can't get it right the first time. I will say that some of you fans DID hear the plotline here first. (My sources are always accurate). It will involve dumb-ass kids "Blair-witching" the Myers house, after the long-awaited death to Jamie Lee, Laurie Strode. Look for trendy teen actors, out-of-place rappers, pop-culture references, un-Halloweenish humor...gee, does this remind you of any other Halloween movie recently released?...and (I'm still predicting) sex in Judith's room. Then again, this is a fuckin' Politically Correct Halloween, so sex is probably a relative thing (or nonexistent).

Finally, on a much more serious note, I...and all those involved with the Rachel Corruthers & Halloween in General Homepage...wish to send our deepest sympathies to all of the victims & their families and friends, of the senseless terrorist attacks on September 11th. May God grant you peace, tranquility, and rest.

So, look for those updates (and others) soon! *kisses*

Sick and tired of hearin' all these people talk about...

"What's the deal with this Rachel Corruthers, and when is she gonna fade out?"

Thing you've got to realize, what I'm doing is not a trend...

I've got the gift of Halloween, gonna bring it till the end!

Doesn't matter...about the diet I'm on, or I got stabbed in the neck...

All that matters, is that you recognize that it's just about respect.

It doesn't matter, about the 80's clothes I wear, where I'm runnin' around the house and why...

All that matters, is that you get hyped, and I'll do it to ya everytime!

MARCH 28, 2001, Well, here we all are again...and with an update too! Boy, time sure does fly when your working hard for a living...but here at the fair Hamlet I call The Rachel Corruthers and Halloween in General homepage, time is still completely on my side, even after almost an entire year! (Sorry 'bout that, dudes, I *totally* promise that will never happon again! I swear! See ya in 2002! hehehe... j/k...or am I? *evil grin*)

Well, believe it or not, I have a few things planned for 2001. Mostly, the introduction of the Ellie Cornell Worship Page Version 2.02. I basically have all the needed graphic and web space, now all I have to do is try to find SOMETHING worth typing about Ellie. I don't want to just rehash what is already known about her (which, sadly, isn't a whole helluva lot), but cheer up! Ellie will be taking the planet by storm faster than you can say 'Brittany Spears is a shameless, wanton, taudry slut'!!!

Also, you might notice a few...hmmm...changes as well. I've once again redesigned the outdated title page. I've added a pic to the Tina page. I've added Rachel's pic to the Marion Links banner. I've changed the Destiny of Michael Myers banner, and I once again moved my guestbook entry to the bottom of the starting page. Enjoy!

Also, I've received a nice bundle of letters over the time, and I plan on placing them in the YourHalloween page soon, so look for it!

Finally, now everyone's buzzing over the new Halloween movie being released this year. So far, some of the familiar faces returning are Moustapha and Malek Akkad (aka Worshipers of the almighty dollar), Paul Freeman, Jamie Lee Curtis (cameo role, of course), and Rick Rosenthal. Myers will be played by some stunt guy named Brad Loree. Principal photography was originally slated for Salt Lake City, but (like all low-budget movies) has been redirected to Vancouver. Gee, let's see how many Canadian actors end up in this one (if there are, it means the production company got funding from Canada). Someone named Larry Brand has written the script, which (from what I gather) no longer has Halloween riding on the coattails of Scream any longer. Rather, now Halloween is riding on the coattails of The Blair Witch Project. Oh hooray. Supposedly, it's about this cliched group of kids who venture into the Myers house (groan) to do a documentary on Michael Myers. I'm sure there will be either booze, drugs, or sex in Judith's room popping up. No word yet as to how the movie will acknowledge 4-6...though my sources tell me that Thorn will probably be involved. Also, no word yet as to how Josh Hartnett's absence will be explained. (Maybe they could hire J.C. Brandy to play him).

Well, until we meet again, keep on rockin!

Listen baby I'm sorry, just wanna tell ya don't worry, I will be late, don't stay up and wait for updates, I think the connection is dropping out, AOL sucks!, so you know, I'm going to update soon....gotta go!


That's right! Your old pal J has FINALLY pulled herself out of the 14th century, and used her good pal Jason's Adobe to make all sorts of cool (at least *I* think they're cool) collage images for all my different pages! You can find ALL-NEW IMAGES on the following pages...

1. The front page (I'm sure you've seen them already)

2. The NEWS section (duh!)

3. The Halloween 1 page.

4. The Halloween 2 page.

5. The Halloween 4 page.

6. The Halloween 5 page.

7. The Halloween 6 page.

8. The Halloween H20 page.

9. The Marion Chambers Links page.

10. The Timeline page.

11. The Halloween 2 TV EDIT page.

12. The YourHalloween page!

Who knows? Maybe you'll see a few images you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE!


Also, I must announce that I am IN LOVE and ENGAGED!!!!! Next Valentine's Day, I'm tying the knot! The full name of my one true love is...Adobe PhotoDelux. Sounds French, doesn't he? He's CHANGED my life in ways I cant imagine! And more than that he's made my site actually have some sort of graphic design (though not much so I WILL be signing the pre-nuptual agreement for sure. *evil laugh*)

ALSO, I FINALLY have a banner! PLEASE feel free to download it on the LINKS page and link me up, baby! Also, there you can see the ULTRA NEW RACHEL CORRUTHERS "DOUBLE SCOOPS" AWARD! E-mail me and ask for me to send your homepage an'll be glad you do, I bet!

Were talking ULTRA KARMA people!!!!!

Well, I guess that's about it for the time being. I still have yet to hear about Moustapha Akkad's determination to bring Rachel back from the grave, but I'll keep ya posted! >:)

It might sound crazy but it aint no lie, baby bye bye bye BYE BYE!!!

MARCH 9, 2000 Well HELLO everyone! It's great to be back! I know that from the bottom of my heart I've missed you all sooo much, I think I'm gonna cry! I mean, this is a moment that deserves to be made into one of those Lifetime movies!

Well, I've been promising it since March 26, 1999....and now....after a's FINALLY come to fruition! In case you don't know what I'm talking about yet....THE MOLLY CARTWELL YAWN PAGE is up and running! Go run...don't your nearest Molly Cartwell Yawn Page, brought to you by the good people at 'Rachel Corruthers and Halloween in General Homepage!"

Well, besides that nothing else is incredibly new. However, I DO plan on adding a few hilarious pics of Josh Hartnett I've found on the web soon. Phat, Phat, and MEGA PHAT!

You and me baby aint nothing but mammals so let's do it like they do on the Rachel Corruthers and Halloween in General Homepage!

FEBRUARY 14, 1900 (I'm using up all my old Y2K jokes....get it? 1900? I kill me!)

---Happy Valentine's Day, all you Halloween fans! Hehehe! Well, it's time once again for my update---and you know what that means! LOTS of things that will no doubt change the very nature of your life as you know it, not to mention strengthen the bond between all Humans!

Well, in case you haven't noticed...several pages on my sight have vanished. They include the two pages which featured pix of myself. I know...I know...but I felt they were not really important enough, and I really needed the extra space for OTHER pages I'm planning on! So I hope you all enjoyed my pix while they lasted! :oP

Also, the "Vincent Drugs" page has been torn down indefinately! Now, I could be cute and give you some clever little reason why such as "Brady's relatives sought revenge against Mr. Vincent...", but seriously that page has also been outdated. You see, the man who I directed you all to has STOPPED dealing with videos. So please, don't e-mail him asking for them, because he has moved onto other things.

But you can never tell....maybe someday Vincent's will reopen, with a new owner! :?)

Let's see...what else do I have to share from my bag o' tricks? Oh! I've added more fan feedback to the YourHalloween page! And I'm hoping the page will continue to GROW!

The Molly Cartwell Page is thisclose to being presented! I know all 2 of you are eager to see it, so be patient!

To make it more accessable, I have placed my guestbook on the first page, so SIGN IT if you haven't!

So now you're all wondering "Gee, what does the future hold for Rach's page?" Well, for starters I plan on DESTROYING my Ellie Cornell Worship Page!!!!!! order to replace it with a BIGGER, BETTER, MORE INTERACTIVE Ellie Cornell Page! So look out, because 2000 is going to remembered as the Ellie Cornell Century! :)

Also, expect some more pictures of Halloween stars, and also a few new links in the near future. Awe yeah, baby!

Boom Boom Boom Boom...I want you in my room,

To spend the night together, from now untill forever.

Boom Boom Boom Boom...I wanna go Boom Boom

Let's spend the night together, together in my room!

(Basic Translation===Rach wants you to keep coming back to her page!)

Well untill next time, be centered, be yourself, and above all have the courage to share these feelings with others. Goodnight.

AUGUST 10, 1999---Rach here, with another update to throw in your face! I've been sweating like CRAZY trying to get this new update happening, and it FINALLY did!

Don't ya feel the love and warmth here? :)

Anyways, if you look at the table of contents on my main page, you'll see a **NEW** link right below the NEWS section called My HalloweeN Epic. CLICK ON IT! It'll lead you to my PHAT new HalloweeN story! I've worked almost 4 years on it, so it should be good! You'll get the jist of the story when you click on the link below the NEWS section.

MANY MANY thanks must be given to the fabulous JH, who is a true friend and a great editor! I don't know where I'd be without him!

Also, my Molly Yawn page is finally done....but due to HTML problems it is not up yet. lOOk for it soon, however. the future update, look for more Halloween views from new people in the YourHalloween section. Thanx guys, I love it when people take the time to express their opinions! Also, I'm thinking up a new way to honor the babes that are Josh Hartnett and Danielle Harris. :) A "John and Jamie Page" may be popping up soon. Tight!

Keep coming back! I've got many doos cooking up in my Witches' Brew! *evil witch cackle*


JUNE 10, 1999---Well, I'm back with an update!!! Check out my ALL-NEW HALLOWEEN II TV EDIT PAGE!!!!!! Yes, I give a full-blown review of the television version of Halloween II seen on tv back in the early 80's! It's a very different movie!

Also, my Halloween fanfic story is finally completed! Thanks to JH, who has kindly offered to edit it for me....I should be posting it here and at the HALLOWEEN FANFIC SIGHT soon.

My Molly Yawn Page is still in the works.

And now it's time for my FAVORITE part of the news secion.....!!!

Here's Rach's DO'S and DON'TS list....


Sign Rach's guestbook.............Not sign Rach's guestbook!

Have fun in life.......................Be a prude

Save the wildlife.....................wear yellow and pink together

Sign Rach's guestbook.............drink and drive


Pretty simple, eh?

Keep coming back, I have some things in store!!!

Try denying I'm not gettin' jiggy wit cannot!

MAY 10, 1999---Well, here I am again with a new update to my super page! Since moving to LA, I've been kinda busy lately going to movie auditions, acting classes, and modeling. BUT....I HAVE completed several things for the homepage, and they should be up and running on this page in at least a week! :*)

***NEW*** I JUST added a whole bunch of fan views in the YourHalloween page! Go check it out and see if yours is there! Also, lest we forget, don't forget to sign my guestbook while your at YourHalloween!!!!!

In other news....there have been rumors that there WILL be a Halloween 8. Supposedly, Michael may be after a woman who looks exactly like Laurie Strode. (Jamie Lee refuses to be in it, so it seems)---Thank Jerry (wolf!)

ALSO....Jason Marshall has given me two new flubs to add to my goofs page. Thanx Jason!

Keep comin' back to Rach's, because she loves you!!!!!

Give it to me baby (uh huh! uh huh!)

Give it to me baby (uh huh! uh huh!)

Give it to me baby (uh huh! uh huh!)

And all the hotties say I'm pretty FLY for a white girl!

MARCH 30, 1999---First...THE BIGGEST THING TO HIT THE US! Except maybe Godzilla, or maybe it's bigger than that...

Y'know how annoying it was to click on the link called Rach's 6th Page, and then find only 3 measly pix and a counter? Well, be annoyed no more! I just included an EXTENSIVE pic archive on it! So click on Rach's 6th Page and see if you'll see some Halloween Pix you might have not seen before (you find them in the wierdest places on the net)

ALSO, I've updated my Thanx List on the front page. I felt it was nessessary....there may be a few more goin' up soon. MMMBop!

Thirdly, will ya'll please Sign My Guestbook? Simply go to the page called YourHalloween and it's at the bottom...below Lynda's pic.

Also, FEEL FREE to e-mail me if there's anything you'd like put up in the YourHalloween page! That's what it's there for, folks!

I've began working on my Molly Yawn Page. Also, I've began compiling info for the Halloween 2 tv edit page, and the Halloween Retrospect Commentary page. These should all be done within the next few months...or maybe sooner depending on how my Halloween FanFic story goes and how busy I will be (working).

Keep Coming Back! Things are really starting to COOK

R-O-W-D-I-E That's the way I spell Rowdy! Wooooo!

MARCH 26, 1999---I must apologize for my five months delay in updating! oh but how the time flies! But you need not worry...Rach has "Totally" not forgotten her Halloween page! I have many new projects in the works!

FIRST---My EXCLUSIVE Halloween FanFiction! I'll probably post it here before I post it at the Halloween FanFiction Sight!!!! But I cannot guarentee that, however. I wont give it away....but it's big!

SECOND---Since I've received grand appraisal for my Tina Williams Hate Page, I've decided that "Misery Loves Company." Coming Soon: The Molly Cartwell Yawn Page! That's right! Soon, you'll be able to see me "totally" disect and ridicule this "Dawson's Creek" female who somehow wandered into the Halloween Universe!

I was going to make a "I Hate That Nurse Palsey From Halloween 5 Page", but I've decided that Molly deserves it more!

THIRD---One reason I haven't updated is because I've moved from Michigan to Los Angeles!!!! So.....COMING SOON...Exclusive HalloweeN Location Pix taken by me! I'm real excited about this....and yes....LA is beautiful!

FOURTH---I'll be making a comprehensive "Halloween Retrospective Page" What this means is...I've purchased the Retrospective tape which basically shows Halloween while John Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Jamie Lee Curtis talk about all sorts of things, from pre-production to what Jamie felt about those tight bell-bottoms she had to wear! This will be interesting!

FIFTH---Soon, I'll be reviewing Halloween 2: The TV Edit. This will be displayed in the Halloween 2 page.

A lot of things comin up! Not bad, eh?

For the time being....I've just updated my LINKS page.....

It's "totally" rearranged and has more links than before! I've placed all the actor/distribution pages first. Then a few of the bands who've contributed to Halloween over the years....including a special link that takes you to the Chordettes page where you can SEE and HEAR the song + lyrics!

Look for other changes in my page as time goes by.

I'm back, and I'm here to change the face of Rachel Corruthers! :)

October 31, 1998---Happy Happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

I hope everybody has a safe and happy Halloween!

Remember, if you drive tonight, to look out for trick-or-treaters! Some of the younger ones tend to pop out in the roads, so take extra care, okay?

And if you stop by Haddonfield, there are always many things to do:

A--The Tower Farm always has the latest music and the hottest teens--- since Tina died, anyways.

B--Stevie Mathet's House. Nurse Karen just might be there--pinning the tail on the donkey or even bobbing for apples...bobbing in water, no less.

C--Drinking with Ben Tramer & Buddies.

D--The Halloween Harvest Fair loated at the Haddonfield Junior College!

And one more thing. While walking the streets....keep your eyes pealed. You never can tell if a shape is nearby, watching you....


OCTOBER 29, 1998---Today we all must light a candle, or a cigarette, in memory of Marion Chambers-Wittington, who will die today.

It's sad, but true. When she gets home from the hospital at the end of today, she won't be doing much, except dying.

Let's all bow our heads in silent prayer, that whatever god she believes in have mercy on her beloved soul.

And Marion, everytime I see a cigarette, I will think of you..... *sniff*

Anyway, I added my HALLOWEEN SURPRISE! I hope y'all like it, feedback on it would be great! :)

OCTOBER 18, 1998---I've freshened up the Tina Williams Hate Page.

Also, I've become good friends with Jeff Davis, creator of the Halloween Image Gallery Homepage (see Links), and he's also given me a few things to naw on as I try to redo my page....including some well-needed info, one of which is a "goof" from part 4...the coffee scene....(see H4)

I've also created the TimeLine page...which I hope will be received well by everyone. I just have this nagging feeling some people (who blindly praise H20 and despise 4-6) will flame me for it.....but DO check it out and tell me what you think!

Also, generally, I plan on adding more pix to my page...keep your eyes pealed!

October 6, 1998---I've just finished updating! I've added a NEW pix page, which in actuality has 3 pix on it....none of them are Halloween pix per say, but they do feature PJ Soles in them. The clips are from a movie called Rock and Roll High School....a personal favorite of mine!

Also, I've added MUCHO links to my Marion Chambers Links Page.

I plan on doing a few more updates in the next few days...Halloween IS coming soon, after all!

September 29, 1998---Well, since today marks the 1 year Anniversary of My Homepage, I decided to add a news section for fun! I know, not exactly the anniversary present I wanted to give, but oh well.

You see, when I created this page in 1997, I knew virtually nothing about making a homepage, so I think I've gone a long way. In the beginning, all this page had was a few pix and that was it. But now, it's grown and a lot of Halloween fans enjoy it!

With Halloween coming up, I have a few dews cooking up. First off is more exclusive, not to be found elsewhere on the net Halloween pix, and also a surprise.....a good surprise. A surprise so good I think you'll like it! A will NOT be this:

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with the man who played Mr. Garrett in H2....nothing like's an internet surprise me and a friend are making for y'all.

"Harold, ya want mayonaise on your sandwich?"