Here some Observations/Personal Jokes about Halloween!

Okay...these are things for you to look apon and laugh in rememberance...


How big is Haddonfield? Laurie meets Tommy on the way to school, so they can't live THAT far away.... ...yet it seems to take Annie a long, long time to get to the Doyle house, because it was pretty bright outside when she picks Laurie up, and it is pitch black out when they arrive at the Doyle/Wallace households. I refer to this as the Haddonfield TimeZone Curse (see part 6)

"MY DAD!!!!!!" Also, why does Annie flip out when she sees her dad? He doesn't see her! He's busy checking out the drug store robbery...Annie could have just driven by!

Lynda must be a very light smoker... ...after "bobbing" with Bob, she lights her cigarette. It is only PARTIALLY lit, yet Lynda (the trooper) takes a deep puff and lets out..........AIR! hehehe

Oh, and I know that having sex is usually a part of teenage babysitting, but if you ask me Bob and Lynda had it coming...were they planning on the Wallaces partying all night? I was actually surprised the Wallaces didn't arrive home and catch them! And more than that, having sex leaves certain 'traces' behind, they most likely would have gotten caught.

One more thing about that...why DID the Wallaces have a Jack O'Lantern in their bedroom? Was this supposed to be some sort of kinky thing?

Was it just me, or did those cheerleaders in Halloween one sound like Annie Brackett? "Were from Haddonfield couldn't be prouder, stand up taller, yell a little louder!" Listen to it! I think Nancy Loomis shoulda been credited...


It's no wonder Michael obliterated the Haddonfield Memorial Hospital staff so easily....there was only 1 doctor, 1 head nurse, 2 regular nurses, 1 nurse-in-training, 1 security guard, and 2 ambulance personal. I don't know about you, but the short staff idea is scarier than anything Michael could do. More than that, Dr. Mixter was drunk!

What was the Deputy doing? While Laurie is banging on the doors, we see the Deputy turn around by the Coke machine. Finally, after Loomis shoots Michael, the cop finally takes the Coke machine!

Janet has to be THE dumbest person....who the heck doesn't know how to use a WALKIE-TALKIE??!?!!?!!??? God, and worse off, she kept PLAYING with it! Why? Why ? WHYYYYY?????

I know Jamie Lee Curtis had short hair by the time this was made, but really, they could have found a better wig.

In the beginning, you can hear Dr. Loomis screaming at the sheriff, "I shot him 6 times, I shot him 6 times!" But really, if you count, when Michael is being shot it is actually 7! *Thanx Jason Marshall*

When Dr. Loomis and the sheriff are in the school. The sheriff is going around looking at everything with A flashlight. What the heck is up with that? The lights were turned on! *Thanx Jason Marshall*


For a good laugh, see this movie. Better than any Jim Carey movie out.


This is odd....the Ambulance at the beginning was NOT from Smith's was from Smith says so on the Ambulance itself!

Lindsey Wallace tells Rach to go to the Discount Mart...not the drug store (Vincent Drugs).

When Rach gets witty and says, "Have some coffee", she dumps magical invisible coffee onto Kelly! You can hear it, but you can't see it! Kelly must hate invisable coffee, because she changes her shirt.

*UPDATE!!!* I was recently given information involving the invisable coffee... the truth never lies....the coffee is *and* isn't invisible, depending on how you look at it! Jeff Davis, a good friend of mine who runs the Halloween Image Homepage, informed me that the coffee can be seen in the Anchor Bay version of Halloween 4, however, most of us own the old FOX/VHS version, which is fuzzier, hense, the coffee only appears to be invisible.....I'm sure a quantum physicist could get into the specifics, but I almost flunked Botony.

Why wasn't JACKIE credited??? She's an integral character in the movie! And she's so hill-billy-ishly funny! When Earl says, "Jackie, watch the register for me, will you hun?" She turns her wit on and says, "You got it, Earl!" She even has a slurred-southern accent!!!!! (yay!)

Is Brady a first name?


Michael didn't kill Max...Tina Williams did. Tina told the dog she'd get him water, she never did. He died of dehydration. And speaking of....what was it he had in his mouth when Rachel and the clown cops were outside her house? I can never tell!

Am I the only one annoyed with Nurse Palsey? I mean, Tina is one thing, but that nurse makes me wanna pull my hair from my head? Her worst lines are, "Dr. Loomis, leave the little girl alone." and "Jamie's not in her room, she's nowhere in sight!" Now, I looked this "Actress" up in the Internet Movie Database...hehehe....she played a lot of Rosa Lopez doubt the steryotypical Mexican Maid! Why, I'll bet that's her real career by now!

TWO WORDS---"Co-co-co-co-cookie-ie Wo-wo-wo-wo-wo-man-n-n-n."

Was Tina a lesbian? Maybe I was seeing things the wrong way, but it looked like she wanted to kiss Samantha in the park!

The Corruthers' really like to drastically change the living area! ...Jamie's room in part 4 became Rachel's in part 5. ...Richard and Darlene Corruthers' room in 4 became Jamie's in part 5. ...Where did Rachel sleep in part 4? The floor?


If Tina didn't die in Halloween 5, I'll bet she was the caller on the Barry Simms show who was in love with Michael. *shudder*

Didn't Danny Strode get in trouble for wearing the BARRY SIMMS KICKS ASS! shirt to school? Even in High school, my teacher would have kicked me out lickedly-split for wearing that!

This is a comment my friend Jason is making me put in...Did Beth even need to wear a bra? There, I typed it, now he owes me $2.00!

The Haddonfield TimeZone Curse part 2! Kara comes home right after school....finds Danny with Tommy...Tommy tells Kara to come with him...they simply go across the street...but when they arrive it's pitch black out! Maybe it's Tommy Doyle himself who manipulates time, since both incidents (part 1 and 6)are related to him. Hmmmmmmm.......


If Laurie grew up in the late 60's/early 70's, why was she listening to a channel playing Mr. Sandman?

Laurie really had no point about the whole "17" thing...Judith was 16!

Call me crazy, but if I was gonna lock myself up in a school, I would never EVER touch the school's food. God....

What was Sarah's obsession with eating and becoming fat? I mean, is Roseanne her idol? or Tonya Harding? I mean, obescity is dangerous to your health....then again, it really doesn't matter...she died on an empty stomache.

I, for some reason, found this funny...when Keri tells Will her real name, he laughs at the name "Strode"....

Marion, after over 20 years, is still just a nurse?

And in Halloween 2, it is very well established that Marion works for the Illinois Mental Health Department, yet in H20, she becomes Loomis' nursemaid? Why would she lower her position? I always saw Marion as a career woman (of the 70's and 90's!)

Reply however you see fit!

Love (Totally!), Rach

The Great Halloween 8 Debate!

Well, Moustapha Akkad said in Fangoria that H20 is definately not going to be the last one. And with the surprising success of the newest one, I won't be surprised to see another one...but where will they go with it?

Route 1...

In H20, the ending we all saw in the theaters was NOT the original ending. Supposedly, after Michael fell off the balcony, and Ronnie pulled Laurie away, when the ambulance personal arrived, Michael actually switched his clothes with this dude, messed up his vocal chords, and escaped...

...this "totally" explains why Michael was acting so dizzy towards the ending. I mean, he never tried to kill Laurie in the van, he just frees himself from the body bad and BOOM! Laurie knocks him out through the windshield! be quite honest, a person COULD survive getting nailed between a vehical and a tree...but they would not live very long after. Farmers have been known to get trapped between fallen farm machinery and the ground, but after they are let free, they die from internal bleeding (also, 'Michael' was trapped there only about a minute, not really long enough to allabout die)

...this would explain why Michael reached up and felt his mask and acted like he didn't know what was going on and looked scared, and why he reached out for Laurie's help...

...Also, when Laurie decapitates Michael, she then pulls off the see it wasn't Michael at all!

These scenes were cut due to the test-wiewing audiences' reaction.

NOW, it is very possible these scenes will be shown at the beginning of Halloween 8, because it would explain away Michael's supposed death.

But Jamie Lee Curtis already said she won't return! Well, this isn't so much of a problem, sadly, they would have to have Michael kill her in the beginning (they could show Laurie breathing like she did in part 7, then use a body double of her from the back, and have Michael creep up to her and...well, you get the picture)

Then John Tate would be the last of the bloodline, unless you count Stephen Lloyd. (which I do)

It is entirely possible that Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Stephen could return, having learned of Laurie's actual survival (then untimely death), meet up with John, and explain the events of parts 4-6.

Route 2...

Some fans feel that a part 8 should be made that ignores H20.. It would pick up from part 6, and involve Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Stephen. I guess Wynn could be in it too, possibly in remourse, knowing that Michael taught him that he cannot be controlled. Wynn might actually repent and decide to team up with Tommy!

While this idea does have merit, I don't think that Akkad would deliberately forget H20, simply because it made too much money, and why confuse the general public even more?

I say, have H8 follow H20...but DEFINATELY incorporate H4-6 with Tommy, Kara, Danny, and Stephen...with references to Jamie Lloyd (and Rachel Corruthers!!!)

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