The HalloweeN


May 3, 1926--Peter Thomas Myers is born, son of Henry and Eve Myers.

November 9, 1926--Margaret Hill is born, daughter of Jacob and Loretta Hill.

June 4, 1946--Peter and Margaret get married.

November 15, 1946--Judith Margaret Myers is born.

October 24, 1957--Michael Audrey Myers is born.

September 20, 1961--Laurie Lee Myers is born.

October 31, 1963--While Peter and Margaret go to a movie, Judith and her boyfriend Gary go out on a date. Michael and Laurie are put under the care of Janice Blankenship, a neighbor. When Judith and Gary returned home, Michael left Janice's house and peeked inside his livingroom window. He saw his sister and her boyfriend make out. When Gary left, Michael took a huge butcher knife and stabbed Judith to death. As Michael left his house to go after Laurie, Peter and Margaret returned home and stopped Michael. Michael immediately went into a catatonic state. He didn't talk or move.

November 1, 1963--Michael is taken to Dr. Frank DeKaro, a local psychiatrist. He is unable to reach Michael and recogmmends Michael be tooken to Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium.

November 4, 1963--Michael is transported to Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium. There, he is put under the care of Dr. Samuel Loomis.

May 1, 1964--Michael is committed to Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium. Dr. Loomis protests that Michael should be put in a maximum security facility. He further noted that the catatonia is a conscious act on Michael's part and the hospital staff isn't properly prepared.

July 23, 1965--Peter and Margaret are summoned to Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium to sign several papers reguarding Michael. They bring Laurie, and tell her to wait in the waiting room while they speak with Dr. Terence Wynn, hospital administrator. Laurie gets bored and accidentally walks into Michael's room. She sees him sitting in a chair staring out a window. She says hello. Michael sharply turns his head. He stares at Laurie for several seconds then turns back, blankly staring at the window again. Peter busts in the room and grabs Laurie. Both parents are now worried because Michael saw Laurie and, in the anguish, get in a car accident on their way back to Haddonfield. Laurie survives the wreck, but Peter and Margaret both died on impact.

July 24, 1965--Laurie is taken into Russelville Orphanage.

August 3, 1965--Laurie is adopted by Dennis and Pamela Strode. The Strodes decide that it would be best to raise Laurie as their own daughter and changes Laurie's last name from Myers to Strode.

August 14, 1965--The Strode's request to the court that all known records of Laurie's true identity be sealed in order to protect Laurie. Judge Walter Loyye grants it.

October 30, 1978--Dr. Loomis and Marion Chambers go to Smith's Grove/Warren County Sanitarium to take Michael to Harden County so he could be reviewed to see if he would spend another four years in the Sanitarium or if he should be set free. Michael knew Dr. Loomis was coming and he snapped out of his catatonia. He began thrashing around in his room, tearing it to shreds. He then scrawled 'SISTER' on the door and promptly broke out. He freed all other patients as well, to creative massive chaos. When Dr. Loomis and Marion saw all the patients wandering around, they stopped the car so Dr. Loomis could go to a phone. Michael attacked Marion and stole the station wagon. Dr. Loomis knew where Michael was going.

October 31, 1978--Michael returned to Haddonfield and killed 16 people trying to get to Laurie Strode. He almost did, but Dr. Loomis shot him a total of 11 times and set him on fire.

November 4, 1978--Michael, in a coma, is transferred from the Russelville hospital to the Ridgemont Federal Hospital.

1979--Laurie and Jimmy are engaged to be married. However, things aren't going very well for them. Laurie is in constant fear that her brother will return to kill her. However, Laurie does become pregnant.

April 24, 1980--Jamie Lloyd is born.

July 8, 1980--Laurie and Jimmy fight more and more. Laurie eventually sleeps with a coed (Jared Tate) at her college, and Jimmy finds out, which abruptly ends the relationship.

August 27, 1980--Jimmy takes Laurie to court, to win custody of Jamie. Due to Laurie's obvious mental instability, the court grants Jimmy the custody. This plunges Laurie into further turmoil.

September 4, 1980--Laurie discovers she is pregnant again, this time with Jared's child. Laurie flips out, and decides she needs to start anew. She turns to Dr. Sam Loomis for help, and together begin a witness protection plan for Laurie.

November 16, 1980--Laurie fakes her death...which appeared to be a car accident. Very few people knew of the plan, and Jimmy was not one of the select few. One of Laurie's last wishes to Dr. Loomis was to watch over her daughter, Jamie.

November 24, 1980--Laurie, now Keri Tate, and Jared move to Summer Glen, California, where they continue college and get married.

April 12, 1981--John Tate is born. Laurie decides never to tell John about his sister, out of pain.

May 4, 1984--Laurie graduates from college and is offered a teaching position at a private school.

September 2, 1984--Jimmy marries Clara White. Jimmy and Clara both decide that, out of respect, Jamie would not be allowed to forget her mother, and pictures are given to her (from when Laurie was a teenager herself).

November 25, 1987--Jimmy and Clara die in a car accident involving a drunk driver. Jamie, who was being babysat by the Corruthers' (who were good friends of both Laurie and Jimmy), eventually adopt her.

October 30, 1988--After 10 years of confinement at the Ridgemont Federal Hospital, Michael is to be returned back to Smith's Grove/Warren Country Sanitarium. Michael, however, learns of Jamie Lloyd's exsistance and escapes.

October 31, 1988--Michael returns to Haddonfield again, and tries to kill Jamie. He would have too, had it not been for Dr. Loomis and Rachel Corruthers, Jamie's foster-sister. After killing 11 people, Michael was shot down a mineshaft, where he was able to escape an explosion. Michael collapsed from pure exhaustion outside a hermit's house, and the kind man decided to help Michael. Jamie, however, had a telepathic link with her uncle, and tried to kill her foster-mother, Darlene Corruthers.

November 10, 1988--Jamie is admitted into the Haddonfield Children's Clinic, where she began therapy. Dr. Loomis himself transferred to the hospital, and took up Jamie's case personally.

February 3, 1989--Laurie and Jared divorced. Jared simply could not take Laurie's constant problems anymore, not that she didn't try to cure them, her experience with her brother was simply too terrifying.

October 30, 1989--Michael revived, and killed the hermit. Jamie sensed this, and lost her voice.

October 31, 1989--Michael returned to Haddonfield, this time killing Rachel Corruthers first, since he knew she would stand in his way again. He also killed 8 others, almost killing Jamie and her boyfriend, Billy Hill. Dr. Loomis, along with the FBI and local Haddonfield Police, set up a sting operation at Michael's home. It didn't work right, however. Michael did, however, end up getting trapped and he was arrested.

Dr. Terance Wynn, who over the years believed Michael was being coerced by the achient Celtic ritual Samhain and namely a rune called Thorn, abducted Michael and Jamie, and then blew up the Haddonfield Police Department, leaving no traces for authorities to follow.

November 5, 1998--Officially, Halloween was banned in Haddonfield.

November 28, 1989--The search for Jamie Lloyd finally ended officially. It was declared that either she died in the explosion, or Michael had finally killed her, then either killed himself for vanished forever.

December 2, 1989--After his stroke on Halloween, Dr. Loomis finally decided to retire permenantly, but would still continue his search for Michael, just in case he was still alive.

February 18, 1995--Jamie Lloyd was impregnated by Dr. Terance Wynn.

April 21, 1995--Officially, Halloween was reinstated in Haddonfield.

October 30, 1995--Jamie delivered the baby. She managed to find her baby, and escape. Michael followed. Jamie was able to make it to a phone (at a bus station), and warn people over the Barry Simms talk show that Michael has returned. Dr. Loomis heard Jamie's cries for help, as did Tommy Doyle. Tommy, obsessed with Michael since 1978, kept a close eye on the Myers across the street from his residence (which the Strode family lived in now).

Jamie left her baby at the station, and tried to escape Michael. She was unable to. Michael tracked her down at a farm, and threw her onto a corn thresher.

October 31, 1995--Tommy was able to determine exactly where Jamie had made the phone call, and found the baby, whom he named Stephen. Michael, while trying to find Stephen, discovered the Strodes living in his house. Dr. Loomis, along with Terance Wynn (whom he thought a friend), returned to Haddonfield to try to stop Michael. Michael ended up killing the Strode family, as well as others, before being returned to Smith's Grove. Tommy and Loomis followed, to save Stephen, Kara Strode, and Danny Strode.

To Wynn's dismay, Michael proved that no one could controll him, as he quicklty disposed of the cult. Tommy, Kara, and Danny were able to fend Michael in time to escape with Stephen, but Loomis would not go with them. Unfortunately, Wynn killed him.

October 29, 1998--In an effort to learn where Stephen Lloyd is, Michael breaks into Marion Chambers-Wittington's house. Instead of learning the location of the child, Michael learns that his sister is actually alive, and living in Summer Glen, California. He kills Marion, as well as two neighbors, and leaves for California.

October 31, 1998--Michael arrives in Summer Glen, and learns that Laurie also had a son. The school was going on a trip for Halloween, but John and a few friends stayed behind. Michael kills them, and almost John and his girlfriend Molly Cartwell, as well but Laurie manages to save them. Now knowning that Michael has finally returned for her, Laurie goes after Michael, determined to kill him. After stabbing him, Michael is loaded into a coroner's van. Laurie steals the van, and eventually crashes Michael between the van itself and a tree. Laurie then proceeds to chop his head off.

Now, Laurie can live a normal life......that is, if Michael is REALLY dead.

"I Hope You Enjoyed Ii!" ~Rachel

Now, I'm sure you all know that this timeline is not considered CANON, but I think it's very close. If any of you notice extreme inconsistencies in my timeline, let me know.

Now, a lot of you self-hating Halloween fans out there are going to point out that details, such as Jimmy remarrying, were never mentioned in the movie, and you are right. However, since H20 tried to kill 4-6, I have mended 4-6's wounds by reintegrating them back into the "timeline". The way Laurie leaves to have John is very logical, and would explain why Jamie is never mentioned.

And in Halloween 4, Laurie is never actually mentioned as dying in 1987... it's assumed because we see her picture, but they never say Laurie actually died in 87....Jamie's mother did (but who's to say it couldn't be Jamie's stepmother???)

Thanx for reading my TimeLine!